Monday, 23 January 2017

Chuckles 2017 E-Book Blitz January Update #3

Owls are wise right? So when Mr Owl says that 2017 is time to tackle my e-book pile, I think I better listen to him! This year I really need to reduce the pile of bargain books so I'm having an ebook blitz through the entire year. It doesn't matter how many I finish or how many I DNF as long as I get them off the TBR!

Here is my latest challenge update. I made huge progress and dealt with 53 ebooks so far. The first 35 were my original choices to start the month.

The Chosen Ones:
1 Justin Sloan-Teddy Bears and the Christmas Pirates (read-3 star)
2 Robert Hodam-The Ark (DNF)
3 James Hunt-Static #1 (DNF)
4 James Hunt-Static #2 (DNS)
5 Hugo Navikov-Spinosaurus (read-2.5 star)
6 Jason McPherson-Dead Ascent (read-3 star)
7 AR Shaw-The China Pandemic (DNF)
8 Sam Sisavath-Purge of Babylon (DNF)
9 Nathan Jones-Fuel (DNF)
10 Devon C Ford-Survival (DNF)
11 Joelle Charbonneau-The Testing Guide (read-1 star)
12 Lesley Jepson-The Secret (read-3 star)
13 Robert J Crane-Called (DNF)
14 Stephen Knight-Preparing for the dead (read-2 star)
15 Stephen Knight-Waiting for the dead (DNF)
16 Stephen Knight-Fighting the dead (DNF)
17 Jasmine Walt-Burned by magic (DNF)
18 Caethes Faron-Magic Born (read-3 star)
19 Tricia Owens-Descended from dragons (read 3 star)
20 Ella Summers-Magic Edge (DNF)
21 Rachel Rawlings-The Morrigna (DNF)
22 Ben Reeder-Exodus (read-3.5 star)
23 JR Rain-The dead detective (DNF)
24 LG Estrella-Unconventional heroes (read-3 star)
25 Alexandra Engellmann-Sky Ghosts (read-2 star)
26 Viktor Zarkov-Megatooth (read-4 star)
27 Boyd Craven III-Agony of the World (read-3 star)
28 George RR Martin-Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (read-2 star)
29 Eldritch Black-Night of the Christmas Letter Getters (read-2 star)
30 Morgan Nyberg-The Fixer (DNF)
31 Robert Brown-The last blade of grass (read-3.5 star)
32 Andrew Cunningham-Eden Rising (DNF)
33 David Nelson-The Journey (read-4 star)
34 Andrew Baze-The Road Home (read-3 star)
35 Albert Yates-The Dead Rising (DNF)

So after 17 days I was finished and picked another pile to tackle!
1 Owen Baille-Aftermath (DNF)
2 Matthew Gilman-After the Day (DNF)
3 David Nelson-Coming Together #2 (read-4 star)
4 David Nelson-A long road ahead #3 (read-3 star)
5 Stephen Birch-New World (DNF)
6 Devon Vondarin-The Crash (DNF)
7 JD McKenna-The Dead Familiar (read-4 star)
8 Kenneth Cary-Curtain Call (read-3 star)
9 Thomas Sherry-Deep Winter (DNF)
10 John Grit-Apocalypse Law (DNF)
11 J Walker-The Fortress #2 (read-2.5 star)
12 Belinda Frisch-Cure (DNF)
13 Eric Methven-EMP (read-4 star)
14 Josh Hilden-The Rising (DNF)
15 Dell Sweet-Earths Survivors Apocalypse (DNS)
16 Matt Wallace-Envy of Angels
17 Alan Spencer-TRex (Read-2.5 star)
18 Andrew J Morgan-Noah's Ark (DNF)
19 Rick Chesler-Jurassic Dead
20 K Gorman-Into the Fire (DNF)

So, two more of these to tackle plus two Netgalley books and I might even fit in more if I get lucky. It's been a great month so far, with a few good reads discovered in amongst a pile I didn't like! How is your reading going this month?


  1. Great job! My reading has been slower than I prefer this month but I just started novel #5 last night. I got hung up on "Little Heaven" but I'm hoping to get at last 7 read before the month is out!

    1. That last bunch had some real dross in it but a few decent reads so I'm happy. It's been a month beyond expectations. Every book you get to is an achievement as they say so hopefully you'll get some good books done before the month ends. Good luck!