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Book Review: Wolf's Bane by Judith Post

Reece Rutherford’s brain can’t process what her eyes are seeing. A full moon shines on a boy whose body is contorting and changing, sprouting fur and growing fangs. She’s seen it in movies. Movies aren’t real life. But then the werewolf charges her. He pins her against her SUV, his paw pressing against her chest, and she knows she’s doomed until a winged man appears, as if from the sky, to save her. From that point on, her life is forever changed. The bloody scratches heal and a blood-red tattoo, in the shape of a hexagram, blazes in the flesh near her heart, revealing that she is a witch whose powers have just awakened.

Faced with a community of rogue werewolves who'd like her out of their way, a set of powers she never previously knew she had, and a brother and sister to keep safe from literal monsters--as well as their abusive step-father sleeping in the next room--Reece isn't sure her usual self-sufficiency will be enough to pull her through. Fortunately she has Damian, a stoic but sexy guardian who can help her take on her enemies and win. And maybe together they can learn that there's no point going through everything alone.

 My review:
*I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Reece is attacked by a werewolf and saved by a gargoyle, discovering that she has hidden witch powers. The gargoyles want her help as rogue werewolves are blackmailing people for 'protection' money and if you don't pay, a loved one is turned into a werewolf. With help from captured rogues, a powerful witch and a local werewolf pack, Reece and her gargoyle friends must find a way to stop the rogues from taking over the city.

This was a really good book. The plot was interesting and I liked the angle of the rogue werewolves working like the mafia to intimidate and blackmail people into keeping their families safe from being bitten. Having a rogue pack working to an agenda like this was a bit different from the usual werewolf books that I've been reading. It was nice to have the winged creatures as gargoyles instead of angels for a change. I liked seeing how they were brought into existance and how the responsibility of looking after humans can age them. The addition of the domestic violence sub plot and the magical family roots of Reece helped to develop the characters nicely. And of course there are cool werewolves everywhere! There is plenty of action throughout the book with the encounters with the rogues and Reece dealing with her family problems, and there are lots of great characters to root for.

Reece and her family are very likable though you wish her mother would grow a backbone when dealing with Eugene! Even though you are not meant to like Eugene, I did find him to be an interesting 'bad guy'. Andre was charming and funny, and his flirtations with Hecate were very enjoyable. Hecate was a great character that you warm to straight away and I liked the scenes where she is doing magic and battling the other witch. The gargoyles were fun and I liked the way they interacted with each other. The touch of romance with Reece and Damian was good because it was sweet and not sexually graphic all the time. Sometimes I feel that less is more, and it worked in this book. The introduction of the local werewolf pack was good because you see the Alpha's character changing as he gets to know his new allies and the idea of him being henpecked by his wife was pretty funny.

There was an excellent mix of strong plot, interesting characters, good interaction and witty humour. There was magic and monsters. The story flows nicely without big info dumps or boring bits, keeping you entertained the whole time. I'm very much looking forward to book 2 in the series.

Recommended for urban fantasy, werewolf and paranormal fans.   

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Book Review: The Calm Before by Jonathon Kane

The story of Corpse Days continues with the leader of the religious cult hatching new plans to end humanity. Once again, Stan finds himself in the middle of all the zombie chaos, but will Heather return in time from another mission to help him save the day?

Where can I buy this book?

*I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Stan has settled back into family life and is angry that Heather is trying to spoil things. When she is gone, events take a frightening turn and Stan is forced to take action to save his new family, with help from a few friends. Can they prevent a new zombie apocalypse?

The follow up to Corpse Days sees a lot of changes within the group. Stan has settled down with a new family in Mary and Eden, Heather and Blake have broken up, Eden and Blake are dating and Heather is about to try the new vaccine for the new strain of the virus in Germany. There are some good scenes like Stan's tomato plants being in danger and the storming of the compound at the end. I do like a big finale with zombie danger. It was interesting to see the changes in the group and how the story has progressed from Corpse Days.

On the character side of things, I was happy with the introduction of Vito, reformed mafia man from Corpse Days, who is to help look after Stan's family while Heather is gone. He added some good humour along with the hapless Lance. The scene on the plane where he is trying to chat up Heather was really funny.

On the niggle side, I'd have liked a bit more of Mary in this book and a bit less of Heather. It was her decision to mess around there instead of protecting Eden that led to Stan having to do her job and storm the zombie compound. I was pretty irritated by Heather's 'I'll do what the hell I like' attitude putting her friends in danger. Still with Heather being the main character it was logical that she was going to be the main feature, so I can hardly blame the author for that! I zoned out a bit during her visit with the monks as that kind of thing doesn't really interest me. I was more interested in the zombie story rather than Heather finding herself.

Zombie fans should enjoy this follow up but don't expect it to be all zombie attacks. The zombies are more of a side story to the evil Church cult trying to bring about the End of Days. It was still a good read.
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Cover Mania Monday #3

Book Nut Stephanie
This meme is hosted by Stephanie over at Why not come over and join in?Here are the joining details:

In Cover Mania we will choose one book cover each week that we like/love and share it with everyone and tell everyone why exactly we like/love that particular cover and if we're curious enough to maybe read the book in the future. 

This week I've chosen a book that I found while blog browsing. I liked the cover and the name, and hey, there are werewolves! I liked the Celtic design with the light shining through the woods plus the gorgeous wolf! I'm not sure if it might be too paranormal romance not enough urban fantasy for me but I'll give it a go and add it to wishlist!

Like father, like son…

Sophie Thibodeau has been on the run from the father of her son for more than fifteen years. Now her son, Joshua, is changing, and her greatest fears are about to be realized. He’s going to end up being just like his father—a man who can change into a wolf.

Dylan Black has been hunting for Sophie since the night she ran from him—an obsession he cannot afford in the midst of an impending war. Dylan controls Rhuddin Village, an isolated town in Maine where he lives with an ancient Celtic tribe. One of the few of his clan who can still shift into a wolf, he must protect his people from the Guardians, vicious warriors who seek to destroy them.

When Sophie and Dylan come together for the sake of their son, their reunion reignites the fierce passion they once shared. For the first time in years, Dylan’s lost family is within his grasp. But will he lose them all over again? Are Joshua and Sophie strong enough to fight alongside Dylan in battle? Nothing less than the fate of his tribe depends on it… 

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Sunday Post #9

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It's been another busy week at The Book Cave. I decided to join Pinterest and I can see why so many of my friends are hooked on it! I was pinning madly for two hours yesterday while I was meant to be sorting my Goodreads shelves! This week I also reviewed a few books and did an Author Feature with Judy Goodwin, so why not check those out? The Count and I love comments! And as usual I downloaded a shed load of free books from Smashwords. I was also approved for a Netgalley book this morning which you'll see below.

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Stacking the Shelves #9

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All my books in the download section were obtained FREE from Smashwords!
 A lot of the books aren't my normal reads but if it is free I will give it a try and see what I like. Please note that I can't leave messages on your STS if I have to allow a third party site ie DISQUS access to my email/Twitter account etc
This week was download heaven! 34 free books plus a novella package with 4 in it. EEK! I think I have a free book obsession! But when it is provided free, it's RUDE not to download them...I'm picking a selection of them for my post today as not all of them are on Goodreads.