Sunday, 15 September 2013

Chuckles Book Cave joins Lola's blog tours!

Why is the Count singing for joy? Well there is big news from Chuckles Book Cave today!

Chuckles Book Cave is proud to announce that we are joining the new blog tour site being run by the lovely Lola. We are now blog tour hosts for

It is my first venture into hosting blog tours and I'm pretty excited about it! This is the chance to host new cover reveals, host book tours and book blitzes and review more books! And I get to share the news with all my friends and followers here and at Twitter! So watch out for a lot of new activity happening in the near future. How exciting!

Are you interested in being a blog tour host? Lola explains all you need to know so even newbies like me can understand it all! Follow this link:

***AUTHORS*** Are you in need of a blog tour to promote your book? Then why not have a look at what Lola can over you by following this link here:


  1. Thanks so much Chucklesthescot for this awesome post! And thanks so much for signing up as a tour host

  2. I signed up and am a host too now :) yay! Good luck ^.^

  3. Thanks Brianna! And you're welcome Lola! I'm looking forward to it.