Monday, 30 September 2013

Book Review: The Calm Before by Jonathon Kane

The story of Corpse Days continues with the leader of the religious cult hatching new plans to end humanity. Once again, Stan finds himself in the middle of all the zombie chaos, but will Heather return in time from another mission to help him save the day?

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*I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Stan has settled back into family life and is angry that Heather is trying to spoil things. When she is gone, events take a frightening turn and Stan is forced to take action to save his new family, with help from a few friends. Can they prevent a new zombie apocalypse?

The follow up to Corpse Days sees a lot of changes within the group. Stan has settled down with a new family in Mary and Eden, Heather and Blake have broken up, Eden and Blake are dating and Heather is about to try the new vaccine for the new strain of the virus in Germany. There are some good scenes like Stan's tomato plants being in danger and the storming of the compound at the end. I do like a big finale with zombie danger. It was interesting to see the changes in the group and how the story has progressed from Corpse Days.

On the character side of things, I was happy with the introduction of Vito, reformed mafia man from Corpse Days, who is to help look after Stan's family while Heather is gone. He added some good humour along with the hapless Lance. The scene on the plane where he is trying to chat up Heather was really funny.

On the niggle side, I'd have liked a bit more of Mary in this book and a bit less of Heather. It was her decision to mess around there instead of protecting Eden that led to Stan having to do her job and storm the zombie compound. I was pretty irritated by Heather's 'I'll do what the hell I like' attitude putting her friends in danger. Still with Heather being the main character it was logical that she was going to be the main feature, so I can hardly blame the author for that! I zoned out a bit during her visit with the monks as that kind of thing doesn't really interest me. I was more interested in the zombie story rather than Heather finding herself.

Zombie fans should enjoy this follow up but don't expect it to be all zombie attacks. The zombies are more of a side story to the evil Church cult trying to bring about the End of Days. It was still a good read.
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