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Book Review: Curve Day by LR Currell

Would you survive a day where killing was legal?
Do you know someone that for whatever reason you wouldn't be particularly bothered if they were no longer with us?

Welcome to Curve Day.

In the near future, desperate times call for desperate measures.
The Earth's population is now so out of control that the Government has enforced one day of the year where murder acts as a form of population control.

Sure, it wasn't always that easy to get people to accept this idea and in truth
there is still an element of resistance to it. As time ticks on though, with
each passing Curve Day the American people gradually accept and adapt
to the notion of citizen on citizen killing.

Our story takes us to the eve of the eleventh Curve Day following an eclectic bunch of individuals as they each prepare and execute the fight of their lives.

Characters include a German ex paratrooper, a French foreign exchange student, a homeless academic who suffered a midlife crisis, a woman who is a victim of spousal abuse, a female police officer and a marine who has lost faith in his Government.

Who will survive the annual slaughter?

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My Review:
*I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

The population of America is out of control and the government decide to do something radical. For one day each year, citizens will be legally permitted to murder anyone they want without fear of arrest. The book follows individual people during preparations for Curve Day and see how they survive during it. The homeless Vietnam vet, the battered wife, the military men, the off duty cop, the owner of an online kill video site out filming the carnage, a French student etc. Who will survive?

I liked the idea of this as soon as I read the blurb. It starts with a brief prologue about the history of Curve Day. Now I fear info dumps but this intro wasn't like that. It was fascinating. It gave me just the right amount of information about Curve Day to bring me up to speed on what was going to happen and it explained that even Curve Day has its own rules, which was a nice twist to the concept. The next section deals with preparing for the 11th Curve Day, introducing you to characters with fueds and grudges who are going to be in conflict with each other when the carnage starts. I found this to be surprisingly interesting. I again feared info dumps but instead I felt that it helped build the tension as the big day got closer. With the book following so many characters, in depth development was not going to happen but I don't think much more was really required in this type of novel.

The action on Curve Day itself I felt could have been a bit longer. I think another 50 or so pages were required to really flesh out what was happening to the characters. I did think that what happened to a few characters was a bit abrupt and I'd like to have seen more. (see examples in Spoiler section below). An epilogue as to what happened to the people when Curve Day was over might have been interesting unless that is being saved for a sequel.

For example when Mary was trapped by the car, I'd have liked to have seen her having to repel a few attackers prior to Chip arriving. Following the Decimator and the camera crew to witness what happened when they took on the sniper. The wife beater hunting down his prey through the house before the conclusion of that story, or citizens in a big complex being chased through the corridors and apartments by a madman. Just a wee bit more!

I suspect that the author was probably just being wary of putting too much detail in and making the book too long. With his storytelling abilities, I think a bit more would have been fine. However what was there I did enjoy. I wasn't expecting a few things that happened which is always a nice surprise.

One thing that might put people off is that there were a lot of editorial errors, which I'm well used to when I read so many Indie authors. It doesn't bother me personally as I tend to look past that to the plot itself but it might bug others.

Overall though, an enjoyable read. I find myself thinking what I would do on Curve Day to protect myself, and I'm thinking that a plan may well be needed!
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