Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Book Review: Human no longer by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Jenny and Jeff Sanders become victims of a bizarre crime; leaving Jeff dead and Jenny in a temporary coma. She returns to her children. With Jeff’s death she must move back to her childhood home, a haunted farmhouse, in Summer Haven, Florida, where once they destroyed a family of vampires.

Jenny has no appetite. She’s edgy. Her eyes hurt. She thinks it could be trauma or grief. Until one night she can’t resist the night woods or the overpowering urge to drink warm animals’ blood–and accepts the truth. Her attackers were vampires.

Now she’s becoming what she once reviled. She can’t abandon her children but must find a way to live in the human world. At night she hunts, hides what she’s becoming and attempts to fit in.

Then townspeople begin dying. Like years before. With her blackouts, she fears she may be the killer, or is it her vampire attackers? They find her and demand she joins them–or her family will die. She resists until they kidnap her children. Then she has to find a way to outwit and ultimately destroy them.

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My Review:
*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Jenny barely survives the brutal attack that kills her husband and forces her family to return to her childhood home where she once killed vampires. So Jenny is well aware that she is becoming one and that Jeff's killers are seeking her out, threatening her family. She has to learn to adapt to her powers to protect her children from the real monsters.

Although this book is shelved as horror, it's not a blood and gore horror read. It is more of a psychological thriller with vampire bad guys which should give it a wider appeal. Jenny and the other characters are real people that you can relate to with financial problems, kids being bullied at school, losing their jobs, working hard for a living to make ends meet and dealing with grief and change. Even with her new vampire powers, Jenny is a loving mother and sister, not an evil monster and you do root for her. The story does not have a lot of action but it is well written with plenty character development and is not over descriptive. The plot is an interesting take on vampires, asking you if becoming a monster means you have to lose your humanity. I liked the fact that even someone as good as Jenny can struggle to fight her new impulses.

I'm usually more of an all action urban fantasy type of person but I did like this book. I'd have liked a bit more action as I did find it a bit slow in places and it takes a while to really get into the story, but that is more about my personal preference than any fault of the author. It is not meant to be fast paced monster filled urban fantasy. This is a human story about a woman protecting those she loves from herself and the monsters who track her. The author does a good job of telling the story and keeping you interested in what is happening next. She is particularly good at writing her characters which is vital for me as a reader. So for me there are no real negatives to the book connected to the author, her writing or storytelling ability.

There is no serious blood and gore, no sexual content and no constant swearing so this book should appeal to lots of people. I'd recommend it to those who like paranormal thrillers, books with mild horror or paranormal elements, and to those like me who enjoy a different kind of horror or UF.Even if you are not big fans of vampires, I still think this book will appeal. I'll certainly look at more work by this author.
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  1. Glad you ended up enjoying even if you wanted a bit more action