Friday, 20 September 2013

Harry Potter Moment of the Week #1

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Well for me it has to be the Deathly Hallows. It had so many superb action scenes: the escape from Privet Drive, the break-in at the Ministry of Magic, Godric's Hollow, escape from Malfoy Manor, break-in at Gringotts, and then the big Battle of Hogwarts. The Battle of Hogwarts itself was superb-it was everything I'd hoped for and more as a finale to a wonderful series.

Then there were the scenes that brough tears to my eyes. Hedwig's Death. Moody's murder. That was bad enough but my heart broke when Dobby died! I don't think I'll ever forgive J.K Rowling for that!!! And if you think it can't get worse, Snape's story was so sad. When you go back to read the book a second time, Snape's death is even worse and boy do I cry! Harry being accompanied to his death by his family was another tearful moment. And poor Fred. And Remus. Come to think of it, there were LOTS of tearful moments!

Importantly, the book DID tie up the loose ends in the story. We find out Dumbledore's story. Draco turns from the dark side by not identifying Harry at Malfoy Manor. The Weasley family are reconciled before Fred dies. Harry completes his task and Voldemort is defeated.

There were moments in the book that I really loved as well. Neville leading the Hogwarts rebellion and standing up to Voldemort as a real hero. Kreacher leading the elf rebellion. Harry gets one over on Umbridge. Molly kills Bellatrix. Aberforth revealing himself.. The Deathly Hallows story. The flashbacks of Snape and Lily's story. The attack of the crystal balls during the battle!

Ah, I could talk about the book all day! It just had everything in it. You always worry that an end to the series might not be what you wanted but this book delivered in spectacular style! Loved it! 

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  1. I agree! This book is just fantastic. I cried a lot during this book, ha ha. I loved seeing all of the story lines wrap up and so many questions were answered. I could read it over and over again!
    Cait @ Book Love

  2. Awwww, I know what you mean. Mine is always a close call between PoA and DH! I love both of those books so, so much and they hurt my heart!

    Thanks for joining us! :) Nice to have you on board .

  3. I love this one as well. The most of all, even though I really liked 4th one as well and the 1st where it all started... I mean I adore all but 7th is the best :D