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Book Review: Reawakened by Ada Adams

Becoming a vampire guardian was Dawn Fairchild’s ticket out of the Scarlet House. Fresh off a successful mission, life in Angel Creek should have been great. But when her sort-of-maybe-boyfriend, Sebastian, disappears on a quest to help a beautiful vampire from his past, Dawn finds herself amidst a web of danger, lies, and deceit.

Joining forces with Razor, an enigmatic rebel lacking both a verbal and a physical filter, and her band of Misfits—Brooke, Sophie, Hunter, and Seth—Dawn is thrust into a race against the clock to solve the mystery surrounding brutal Born kidnappings and come to terms with the sudden discovery of her own unique powers. With time ticking away and Born vampires’ lives in jeopardy, it quickly becomes evident that someone—or something—desperately wants Dawn and is willing to shed any amount of blood to get her.

Dawn has only one chance to face her demons and overcome all obstacles standing in her way as she embarks on the biggest mission of her life—one that threatens a deadly outcome for all involved.

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My Review:
 *I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Dawn is still trying to come to terms with what has happened to her when a series of Born kidnappings occur. With the President ignoring the situation, Dawn and her team start to get involved, despite Dawn being the most attractive target for the kidnappers. And it doesn't help when Aurora makes it clear that if Dawn doesn't stay away from Sebastian, she'll hurt them both.

Where book one was full of humour, book two is much darker. Dawn is still coming to terms with what happened but her past is haunting her in the form of Aurora messing with her head. She also has competition for Sebastian's attention in the form of his old vampire friend Lena who is obviously in love with him. Seth and Brooke are fighting more with an attraction developing between them, Sophie is confronted with her past and Razor's arrival stirs things up within the group. Dark secrets are going to come out and they certainly took me by surprise. The book is concerned with the relationships that are important to the group members and how things from the past can come back to bite you and seriously damage your sanity. Aurora is brilliantly evil. Any shred of sympathy you had for her in the first book will be destroyed by what she does in this book. I hated her so much! She was the perfect bad girl and you wondered how Dawn was going to be able to fight her. I also wanted to stake the President for being a major prat, though his motivations do make him a more sympathetic character in the end.

The plot this time was a shocker from start to finish. The arrival of Razor was a fun twist though you can see why Dawn wants to throttle him half the time! If I had been Dawn at the party scene when we meet Lena for the first time, I would have kicked his vampire butt big time for being such a git! Later though, I wanted to sceam at Dawn to just confide in Sebastian instead of pushing him away all the time. I was instantly suspicious of the other 'new arrival' in the rescue part of the story though I wasn't totally sure how that fitted into the Aurora story until near the end of the book. I didn't guess the full plot, that's for sure! The news Dawn gets from Ethan's mum is a true shocker and I loved that twist! Seriously, who saw THAT coming? When an author can make your jaw drop two books in a row, well that is quite an achievement! And when I thought that it couldn't get more shocking, we have that final cliffhanger scene which was not what any of us readers wanted to see! Nooooooooo! How on earth are we going to hold on to the next book to see what happens??? It's inhuman!!!

Again there are no niggles or things that I didn't like. Each character has developed nicely from when we first met them, and their evolving emotions have opened up a lot of possibilities for future books. I certainly hope that there will be a few more Angel Creek adventures to come. This book is suitable for older YA readers and adults due to darker storylines and more sexual content.

When is book 3 coming???!!!

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My two-story fall was cushioned by a sturdy, muscular torso. The owner of the muscles—a vampire, I realized—groaned as I landed on top of him, forcing him into the muddy ground. I reached for my dagger, but he was quicker. He slipped out from underneath me, flipping me over in the process so that he was quickly astride me. His firm body pressed tightly against mine as his hands pinned my wrists to either side of my head. As a bolt of lightning struck a nearby tree, I was greeted by a mischievous smirk dancing across perfectly-shaped full lips.
  “Quite feisty, aren’t you?” he chuckled, bending forward to examine me. Deep, charcoal eyes overflowed with amusement.

He was actually enjoying this.

“I don’t wanna hurt you,” he whispered in a deep, throaty voice. “I’m gonna release you now. Don’t do anything stupid.”
  He lifted his arm, removing his right hand from my left wrist. The moment I felt some freedom, I leaped forward, attempting a left hook at his jaw. He blocked my hand, once again pushing it toward the ground.
  “I said I wasn’t going to hurt you!” he growled, pinning me even further into the soft, wet earth.
“But I never said that I wouldn’t hurt you!” I snapped.
  He brought his face toward mine. “I’d like to see you try,” he whispered.

Challenge accepted.

Now I just had to find a way out of the vampire’s tight grasp. I raised my head—the only part of me that wasn’t restrained by his body—inching my lips closer to his. He tensed for a moment, his eyes searching mine, as if surprised by my sudden change in behavior. Drops of rainwater slid down his chiseled jaw, pausing briefly on his lips before they plummeted down to mine. Then, a slow, smug smile spread across his face. I felt his body relax and he leaned even closer. His breath caressed my skin as his lips drew near.
  It was exactly what I needed. Summoning all my strength, I twisted my hips to the side, shooting them up and out, then launching my legs off the ground. Thrown off-balance, my captor groaned and released one of my arms to brace for the fall, giving me the chance to free my dagger. In one smooth move I was quickly behind him, securing him in a headlock with the blade of my weapon aimed directly at his heart.
  “Who are you?” I demanded when I was certain that he couldn’t escape my grip.
“I’m a twenty-four-year-old Taurus who enjoys long walks on the beach.” Even though I couldn’t see his face, I could feel his arrogant grin.
  “You have ten seconds to explain yourself,” I ordered. “Or I’m really going to hurt you.”
“Oh, come on! Can’t we get back to the kissing? You can’t tease a guy like that.”
  “Ten, nine…” I pressed the dagger deeper into him, nicking the leather of his jacket.
“Hey! Watch it!”
“Oh, alright. You’re no fun,” he sighed. “My name is Razor.”
  “What kind of a name is that?”
“It’s a nickname.”
  “What kind of a nickname is that?”
“Spike, Blade, Fang—all the good, deadly objects were already taken. It was the best I could do.”

More about Razor!

Vampire – Made
Age: 24 in 2015
Birthplace: Angel Creek, USA
Eyes: Dark Grey
Hair: Light Brown, Short
Height: 6’3
Jessirae grills Razor - CHECK IT OUT HERE!
“Annoying Dawn is a full-time job.”
“You know me, I’ll try anything once. And if I really enjoy it, over and over again.

“Lack of clothing suits me.”

Razor visits Mel and Lana – CLICK HERE TO READ!
I have a more serious side, but what’s the fun in being serious all the time?
“How about Sex God x 5? Nah, I’m just kidding. Humble x 5? *grins*
“There would still definitely be some skinny-dipping involved.”

Lori hangs out with Razor – SEE WHAT HAPPENS HERE!
“My worst fear has already come true three-fold: losing those that I love.”
“Intuition plays a big role in determining if I trust someone.”
“My author is evil. She likes to torture us. And she doesn’t give me the kissing scenes that I deserve.”



Vampire – Made
Age: 17 in 2015
Birthday: March 29th, 1942.
Turned: May 10th, 1960.
Birthplace: Sacramento, California, USA
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Blonde, Shoulder-Length, Straight, Bangs
Height: 5’5

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“I guess I could give college guys a try.“
“Don’t you think it’s a small price to pay for getting to second base with a cheerleader?

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