Friday, 27 September 2013

Harry Potter Moment of the Week #2

This is a weekly meme hosted by Leah at Uncorked Thoughts:
Each week we share our personal opinion on a specific Harry Potter question chosen by Leah. Want to join in the Harry Potter fun? Follow the link above!

This means I can choose anything from Harry Potter to talk about so I'm going to pick a few questions that were asked before I joined the meme. So I'm picking my favourite funny moments from books 1 and 2  to discuss.

For funny moment, I think it has to be when Hagrid hatches Norbert. 'Norbert Norbert where's mummy!' It just cracks me up. I laughed like a drain when Hagrid was bitten and when Hermione was trying to remind him that he lives in a wooden house with a dragon! Hagrid was brilliant during this whole plot, telling Ron off for getting bitten by Norbert and giving the dragon a teddy bear to cuddle which he then rips apart. Great fun!

I thought Lockhart was so funny so my favourite funny moments were to do with him. There was his reaction to Colin wanting a photo of Harry and Harry's fear about 'The Harry Potter Fan Club'. But my very favourite bit was when Harry got the singing card from Ginny, especially when he was rugby tackled to receive it. Very funny.

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  1. Great picks! Hagrid is so fond of his strange and dangerous beasts, it's so funny to see him act so motherly to huge beasts. :D
    And Lockhart... what a tool! :D I found him slightly infuriating, and poor Harry, always having to deal with his 'advice'. :D

  2. 'Harry Harry Harry...' accompanied by toothy grin! Kenneth Branagh was great as him in the film!