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What's on Chuckle TV #2

Welcome to Chuckle TV! 
Every week I will be talking about what I have been watching in the world of TV, be it sport, documentaries, TV series, films, soaps or interesting news items. I'll be talking about favourites from the past and all the great sounding stuff that I haven't watched yet. Believe me, there are a lot of popular series that I haven't had the chance to see! Let the Count and I be your guide in the world of entertainment! Comments are welcome on what I'm currently watching but no spoilers please or your comments will not be published!

So this week was a VERY busy week for TV and on the whole a pretty good one! I continued on with a series I started last week and tried out something new that didn't quite work so well. Watching these tornado docs can be quite sobering. I love seeing the tornadoes-the beauty, power and danger of them but I hate seeing the death and destruction when they intersect with human life. Living in tornado alley would scare the hell out of me so I'm grateful to live in a less volatile climate in the UK. I find our storms scary enough. I was in Arlington, Texas in May 1996 and one night there was a tornado warning on the news. There was never any danger to our motel as the tornado that touched down was nowhere near us but we did get golf ball sized hail and it was a bit worrying for an hour or two.

I enjoy TV that shows extreme jobs ie gold mining, fishing, storm chasing, logging, stuff like that. I have countless series about coal mining, oil drilling etc still waiting to be watched. Hopefully I'll be sharing that with you on Chuckle TV!

Season three of Storm Chasers introduces a new team led by veteran chaser Tim Samaras (left). As an engineer he has been responsible for inventing probes to measure tornadoes and dedicates himself to getting scientific data to help understand storms and improve warning times. I liked the addition of Tim's team and he really is a gentleman. Sadly Tim, his son Paul and right hand man Carl Young were killed by a tornado in El Reno, Oklahoma in 2013.This article tells the story of the deadly tornado and their deaths including shocking photos of the vehicle when it was found.

Communication problems and breakdowns threaten Sean's film and Reed is unhappy at being threatened by Josh for putting a radar on his intercept vehicle. Reed throws himself into scientific research and Tim faces tornado activity in his own backyard. This was a good season but I found the attitude of Josh Wurman to be childish and bullying. He makes it clear that Sean is not a part of the team then tries to pull rank on him for doing his own thing and his threats to Reed for daring to put his own radar on his car smacks of a playground bully trying to intimidate the other children and take their lunch money.

Season four follows Sean (right) employing a second IMAX team to film the TIV, Tim developing new scientific instruments and Reed's team take on search and rescue duties after a tornado hits Yazoo City. The Yazoo City footage was horrific and has a profound effect on Reed's team. Josh takes his campaign of bullying and childishness to a whole new level when a bit of reckless driving puts Sean on the internet. His storm ban on Sean is appalling behaviour and it seems clear to me that the good doctor cannot stand the fact that Sean, his former chase buddy and Reed, his former student are doing better than his multi million dollar expedition. Tragedy strikes one team in a shocking turn of events.

Season five has Sean finally free of Josh and ready to do his own thing with a new 3D film but the destruction from tornadoes has him questioning if he wants to continue storm chasing. A deadly tornado outbreak has all three teams helping with rescue efforts and thinking about new ways to help warn of deadly storms. Tim's caution frustrates his team while Reed is pushing his team to the limits. This was a great season where we didn't have to see Josh behaving badly. I can't help wonder if he was responsible for getting the show taken off air after this series...nothing would surprise me.

Ice Road Truckers has been on my VHS tapes for years waiting to get watched and this week I watched season one but I wasn't blown away by it. Drivers are paid to take heavy loads on trucks to mines that are cut off by water most of the year but for a few months, the lakes freeze over and ice roads are made to cross them. Not a job for the faint hearted. I do like the drivers especially Hugh and Alex as they are real characters and the job itself was pretty dangerous but it just lacked something for me. There wasn't the same action you get in Deadliest Catch or Ax Men and a lot of time spent watching trucks getting repaired. Season was was ok but by season two I was losing interest in it and have decided not to continue watching it.

This film has been on TV a few times since the tragic death of Robin Williams and I always enjoy watching it. A young boy sucked into a deadly board game comes out as an adult whe two children start playing it. OK so the special effects are a bit cheap in places but it is a fun family film with action and humour. I love the monkeys watching the Wizard of Oz ! Robin Williams was the perfect choice for this film, showing that manic madcap side that he was so famous for.
Filmography links and data courtesy of IMDb.

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Stacking the Shelves #47

Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews
Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks!
Please note that I always leave a message on your STS/SP if you visit me, but if you use DISQUS I will not be able to leave a comment on your page. And sometimes, I have problems leaving messages on blogs hosted by Wordpress. 

This has been a week of very little reading done and lots of sitting around watching TV shows and films! I did find the time to receive a couple of Amazon packages which is always nice. I need to stop my book splurges until I get at least another 15-20 books read or abandoned to give me some shelf space in my room. All the books this week are bought paperbacks as I haven't had time to search for online freebies.


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Throwback Thursday #33

This Meme is hosted by Melissa at My World in Words and Pages. Go to her blog and join us!

I blog about great looking new releases, new books sent to me for read and review, book reviews of what I've read and features about exciting new authors to try.

But what about all the books that are already on my TBR, waiting for me to read them? Don't they deserve a mention and a chance to be highlighted? Yes they do!

Welcome to Throwback Thursday, where I will take the time to tell you about some of the books that have been on my shelves for a while and maybe a few of you will add them to your wishlists/tbrs. If you have read them, why not leave a comment to tell me what you thought of it-but no spoilers please! 

Welcome to Harborsmouth, where monsters walk the streets unseen by humans…except those with second sight, like Ivy Granger.

Ivy Granger's second sight is finally giving her life purpose. Ivy and her best friend Jinx may not be raking in the dough, but their psychic detective agency pays the bills--most of the time. Their only worry is the boredom of a slow day and the occasional crazy client--until a demon walks through their door. A demon attorney representing the water fae? Stranger things have happened. And things are about to get very, very strange as a bloodthirsty nightmare hunts the city of Harborsmouth.

Kelpies have a reputation for eating humans. Unfortunately, Kelpies are the clients. When an Unseelie faerie this evil stalks the waterways of your city, you have to make hard choices.

The lesser of two evils...

Molly Brooks is a telepathic vigilante with a few secrets and a mysterious past. Determined to make something of her bizarre powers, she devotes herself to saving those who need her most. One night, she's followed by a powerful being in a pickup truck, and her world will never be the same. Finding herself thrust into a world full of supernatural beings she could have only imagined, Molly learns how powerful she really is, and how much she stands to lose.

Combining elements of urban fantasy and paranormal romance, Lost Girl is the first book in the Hidden series by author Colleen Vanderlinden.

 There can only be one allegiance.
It’s her time to choose.

Some humans can see the fae. McKenzie Lewis can track them, reading the shadows they leave behind. But some shadows lead to danger. Others lead to lies.

A Houston college student trying to finish her degree, McKenzie has been working for the fae king for years, tracking vicious rebels who would claim the Realm. Her job isn’t her only secret. For just as long, she’s been in love with Kyol, the king’s sword-master—and relationships between humans and fae are forbidden.

But any hope for a normal life is shattered when she’s captured by Aren, the fierce and uncompromising rebel leader. He teaches her the forbidden fae language and tells her dark truths about the Court, all to persuade her to turn against the king. Time is running out, and as the fight starts to claim human lives, McKenzie has no choice but to decide once and for all whom to trust and where she ultimately stands in the face of a cataclysmic civil war.

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Cover Reveal: alibiZ by Karice Bolton

AlibiZ by Karice Bolton
(Afterworld #2)
Publication date: October 2014
Genres: New Adult, Post-Apocalyptic

Rebekah vows to expose the truth behind the RecruitZ that are killing the innocents. These creatures must be stopped, but so should the people controlling them. When Rebekah uncovers who is behind the uprisings, her own life becomes in danger.

Rebekah knows that she is not alone in this fight but vengeance alone won’t help her and the others to victory. Forced to build a battalion with the very creatures she needs to destroy, it is up to her to uncover the truth for the public before the world is turned over to an elite few.

Regardless of what may happen to her, she knows it’s a race against time to destroy these creatures and the monsters controlling them before there is no one left worth saving.

Karice received an MFA in Creative Writing from the U of W. She has written fifteen novels and has several exciting projects in the works. Karice lives with her husband and two English Bulldogs in rainy Washington.

Books currently available:
Luke Fletcher Series: Hidden Sins (Book 1), Buried Sins (Book 2) – coming soon
Beyond Love Series: Beyond Control (Book 1) Beyond Doubt (Book 2) Beyond Reason (Book 3) Beyond Intent (Book 4) Beyond Chance, Beyond Promise, and Beyond the Mistletoe coming soon
Afterworld Series: RecruitZ (Book 1) AlibiZ (Book 2) – October 2014
The Witch Avenue Series: Lonely Souls (Book 1), Altered Souls (Book 2), Released Souls (Book 3) Shattered Souls (Book 4)
The Watchers Trilogy: Awakening (Book 1), Legions (Book 2), Cataclysm (Book 3), Taken Novella (Watchers Prequel)
The Camp

Author Links:

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Book Blitz: Athena's Ashes by Jamie Grey

Athena’s Ashes by Jamie Grey
(Star Thief Chronicles #2)
Publication date: August 26th 2014
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Science Fiction

It’s Renna’s biggest job yet – convincing MYTH leadership that she’s put away her lock picks and is ready to save the galaxy, despite the dangerous implant in her brain. But with the Athena on the run, she’s working solo and facing her most ruthless enemy, the traitor Pallas, who’ll go to any lengths to destroy the MYTH organization. Including framing Renna for a devastating assault on MYTH HQ that leaves their defenses crippled and hundreds dead.

Now that MYTH believes she’s a dangerous double-agent, Renna escapes their firing squad before they put more holes in her than a pair of fishnet stockings. But the ticking time-bomb in her head is the one thing Pallas needs to complete his master plan and he’s not about to let her get away. Even worse, he’s discovered the only thing that will bring Renna to her knees – threatening Captain Nick Finn.

Out of time and options, Renna’s got one shot to take down the traitor before he annihilates everything she loves, even though winning this battle may cost her everything.


Renna sat at the small round table in her room, reading through the data Dallas had sent to her tablet. She took another sip of scorching coffee and held the liquid in her mouth for a fraction of a second—until her tongue started to burn—before swallowing. Sometime in the past few days, she’d started doing stuff like that, letting herself experience feelings she’d normally ignore. Like each time might be her last.
She shoved the coffee cup away, brown liquid sloshing onto the table.
Stop that.
But the haunting possibility was always there in the background. She might not make it through this. She’d thought that plenty of times before, when a job had gone tits up or she’d found herself faced with an angry merc, but she’d never really believed it.
Seeing that strange metallic reflection in her eyes had changed everything.
Even if she did find a way to stop the implant from completely taking over her body, it would still change everything. She’d be different in some very fundamental ways. How the hell did you deal with something like that?
Renna buried her head in her hands, rubbing her temples. She’d dealt with becoming a different person before. When she’d left the Izan tenements, she’d created a new persona, changed herself to survive. She could do it again.
But first she had to save Dr. Samil, and sitting here feeling sorry for herself wasn’t going to help. She straightened her shoulders. So. First order of business: rescue Dr. Samil and her team. Second: destroy Pallas. Third: find Finn and live happily ever after.
Totally doable.
Jamie Grey spent most of her childhood writing stories about princesses who saved the day and pretending to be a daring explorer. It wasn’t until much later that she realized she should combine the two. Now, as a tech-obsessed gamer geek, her novels mix amazing scientific developments, future worlds, and the remarkable characters that live in them.

Jamie lives in Michigan with her boyfriend and their pets, who luckily tolerate her overspending on tea, books, and video games. You can learn more about her at, or follow her on twitter via @jamie_grey.


1. When did you know you wanted to be a writer?
Always? I remember writing down stories as a kid, making little books for my parents and illustrating them. Then about five years ago I stumbled on a critique site, joined and started getting feedback on my writing. I realized that maybe I could actually write things that people wanted to read. I’ve been hooked ever since!

2. What drew you to the sci-fi genre?
It’s funny, I actually started out writing fantasy. I loved those kinds of books as a kid - getting lost in different worlds, meeting new people. But then I started watching a few sci-fi TV shows a couple of years ago and realized the two genres were actually similar, just with different settings. Somehow when I started writing sci-fi everything just clicked, I felt comfortable and at home. It was surprising, but I’m just going with it for now J I have to say, I’m kind of a genre chameleon so I’m sure I’ll be trying out something new soon!

3. Why did you write Star Thief Chronicles Series & Athena’s Ashes?
I think it was because I was a huge fan of sci-fi romance books and just didn’t find very many out there. So, basically I was trying to write the type of book I wanted to read! And I love space, so there’s that too! 
4. What do you want most to leave with your readers when they've shut the back cover?
I want them to be in love with the characters and world, and breathless from the ride. I want them to worry about what’s going to happen next. There’s nothing better than a reader who’s desperate to read your next book!
5. What's your favorite aspect of writing science fiction?
The freedom to create a new world or play with our current world and explore different themes and ideas you can’t do in contemporary books. Seeing how someone reacts to a completely alien culture or world, or putting them in a situation no one has ever had to deal with before is really satisfying. But there’s also the ability to show that people are the same no matter when/where they live. Plus it’s just fun!

6. What does Renna consider worse: the fate of the universe in her hands, or the relationship issues she’s dealing with?
I think Renna’s biggest problem is trying to balance the fact that she’s spent all of her life trying to look out for herself and do what’s best for her, and now suddenly she’s in a situation where she has to look out for other people and she has no idea how to react.
She’s been careful to keep her relationships superficial to protect herself, but somehow she’s gotten sucked into this complicated situation where she has to face her feelings and be responsible for other people and all sorts of things she doesn’t like. So yes, she’s fine with the action of saving the galaxy, not so much with having to figure out her emotions and feelings.
7. If you could live in any literary universe, which would it be?
How to choose just one!? I think I’d have to go with Narnia. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe series was my favorite growing up, and they’re still comfort reads today, so getting to live in Narnia would be amazing!

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Reading With Chuckles #1

Welcome to Reading with Chuckles! This is where I fill you in on what I'm reading each week-what it is, where I got it or heard about it, what I think of it, if I'm continuing with it or abandoning it and any special offers I'm aware of where you can try the book yourself. Comments are welcome but no spoilers please! It's not fair to other readers!

So what has this week had in store? I have read two books which I'll be telling you about.

The outbreak tore the USA in two. The east remains a safe haven. The west has become a ravaged wilderness, known by survivors as the Evacuated States. It is here that Henry Marco makes his living. Hired by grieving relatives, he tracks down the dead and delivers peace.

Now Homeland Security wants Marco for a mission unlike any other. He must return to California, where the apocalypse began. Where a secret is hidden. And where his own tragic past waits to punish him again.

But in the wastelands of America, you never know who - or what - is watching you.

I have yet to review the book but I hope to have it up on the blog in the next week or two. You can see other reviews here:

I found this book when I was looking for zombie books on Amazon UK. After the zombie apocalypse when everyone moves to the 'safe' states, one man stays in the wasteland, paid be grieving relatives to find and put to rest their zombie loved ones. Henry also wants to find his beloved dead wife on his travels to do the same for her. Then the government decides to use him to kill their dirty secret in the desert and he must face zombies and militias to get the job done. This book has the human story of Henry's job and search and the horrors of a zombie apocalypse at it's best. I really enjoyed it and I'll be keeping it in my paperback book collection.
star rating photo: Four Star Rating 4stars.png

This is the third book in the Life First series. 

When Kelsey Reed fled her country to escape a forced kidney transplant, she was sure she’d never return. However, when her brother-in-law shows up on her doorstep, things change. Kelsey is ecstatic to see Greg, until he does something that changes everything.

Forced to head back to the nation that tried to kill her, Kelsey will need the help of her husband Luke, and friends Susan and Rob to escape this new nightmare.

My review for this book will go on Goodreads, Amazon and my blog on a date chosen by the author. This was the best book in the series and I was gripped from start to finish as the tension was high throughout. Really enjoyed the trilogy conclusion.
star rating photo: Four Star Rating 4stars.png 

I received this ebook from the author after I agreed to review the ARC last week. I first came into contact with the series in July 2013, when on the Goodreads group Making Connections, I saw a request for reviews for the book Life First. It was the dystopian tale of a young woman who decides to go on the run after the government try to force her to give a kidney to a stranger. Her story has so many unexpected twists and turns and great characters. I had no hesitation in agreeing to review books two and three where the twists continue and the story gets better and better. If you like a character based tense dystopian thriller then go and read Life First. It really is a good book. Book three, Third Life:Taken is published on September 10th 2014. So check out details below and get reading this series!

Catch up with the Life First trilogy!

Strong-willed Kelsey Reed must escape tonight or tomorrow her government will take her kidney and give it to someone else.

In this future forged by survivors of pandemics that wiped out 80 percent of the world's population, life is valued above all else. The government of "Life First" requires the mentally ill to be sterilized, outlaws abortions and sentences to death those who refuse to donate an organ when told.

Determined not to give up her kidney, Kelsey enlists the help of her boyfriend Luke and a dodgy doctor to escape. The trio must disable the tracking chip in her arm for her to flee undetected. If they fail, Kelsey will be stripped of everything.

* This is an Awesome Indies Approved book.

Life First: 

Susan Harper is being held captive by her government in this romantic thriller, Second Life. As the normally feisty Susan’s hopes of freedom dwindle, a mysterious stranger sneaks into her room and promises to help her.

Susan and mystery man Rob grow close as he tries to orchestrate her escape. When the duo discovers the truth behind Susan’s captivity, they realize she is in grave danger, and they must act quickly. Susan and Rob will need more than passion for each other and their wits to succeed. They will need help from old friends, including Kelsey Reed.

In the previous book, Life First, Susan gave Kelsey a chance at a second life. But now will she get a chance at her own?

Second Life: 

So that's all for this week! Back next Monday with more booky chat! 

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What's on Chuckle TV? #1

Welcome to Chuckle TV! 
Every week I will be talking about what I have been watching in the world of TV, be it sport, documentaries, TV series, films, soaps or interesting news items. I'll be talking about favourites from the past and all the great sounding stuff that I haven't watched yet. Believe me, there are a lot of popular series that I haven't had the chance to see! Let the Count and I be your guide in the world of entertainment! Comments are welcome on what I'm currently watching but no spoilers please or your comments will not be published!

Welcome to the first week of Chuckle TV! So what have I been watching? Well last weekend I was already watching the DVD boxset of season one and two of Storm Chasers, which I very much enjoyed. I've always been fascinated by tornado documentaries and watching these guys putting themselves in extreme danger for extreme video footage and scientific data was great. Not so great seeing the terrible damage to the towns that the tornadoes rip through. That was more sobering. So I finished the dvd boxsets by Wednesday.

Box set of season 1 and 2 together, bought from Amazon. A research meteorologist called Josh Wurman wants to place instruments into the path of a tornado to record vital scientific data. Tornado filmmaker Sean Casey needs video footage from inside the tornado and needs someone with radar to guide him there. Together they plan to chase the most dangerous storms to get the data and footage they need-if they get through the breakdowns, disagreements over which storms to chase and personality clashes.

In season 1 the footage of the storms is good but there are so many mistakes! Several times Josh makes the wrong call, causing Sean to miss his chance and tension is high as the season wears on without much success. It is intriguing to see how reliant they are on Josh's fancy equipment even when it clashes with what the chasers see in the sky. Season 2 is even better, introducing Josh's former student Reed and his team who are willing to get closer to danger to get video footage using just a camera and internet forecasts. His footage is really great and well worth viewing and I find his enthusiasm very engaging. Josh and Sean continue to butt heads over chase policy, causing Sean to start refusing to do what he is told. We also get good fun on the road with the Scout team, who I like. Great series so far!

Other than that I've watched a few old favourite films this week like the excellent Jurassic Park. I LOVE dinosaurs! When I was a kid I used to run around the school playground pretending to be a pterasaur. I even told my teacher that when I grew up I wanted to be a dinosaur. I WAS only seven...And WHERE is this Jurassic Park 4 that we were promised??? I'm getting tired of waiting! 
Filmography links and data courtesy of IMDb.

Also watched again The Day after Tomorrow. Are you seeing a kind of disaster theme going here? Yes I do like a good disaster film, right back toi things like The Towering Inferno and so on. So when I heard about a film where a sudden storm reduced the northern hemisphere to a new ice age, I knew I just had to see it when it hit the shops. And I did enjoy it. There are a lot of good actors like Dennis Quaid and Ian holm and it was the first time I'd seen Jake Gyllenhaal in a film.
Filmography links and data courtesy of IMDb.

And I'm itching to see this one! It's a storm chasing disaster film AND it has the gorgeous Richard Armitage in it so what more could I possibly want? It's way too expensive to go to the cinema to see it sadly so I need to wait for it to come out on dvd. *Sigh* Would he not be a perfect vampire in a film?
Filmography links and data courtesy of IMDb.

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Stacking the Shelves #46

Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews
Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks!
Please note that I always leave a message on your STS/SP if you visit me, but if you use DISQUS I will not be able to leave a comment on your page. And sometimes, I have problems leaving messages on blogs hosted by Wordpress. 

This week I haven't been sleeping well and I'm suffering from bad depression so it hasn't been very productive. I'm still reading the same book I started last week-The Return Man by VM Zito-which is a very good zombie apocalypse book. I've just been too darn tired to finish it! Maybe tonight eh? I have managed to watch the first two seasons of Storm Chasers and the start of season one of Ice Road Truckers. I like TV shows showing extreme jobs like gold and coal mining, driving dangerous roads, extreme fishing, oil drilling, stuff like that so TV wise it has been a good week. Had fun watching Barnyard again this morning too...jeez I love Wild Mike!!!
This weeks books are exciting! I've read the first four books in the Matt Archer series so I'm really looking forward to seeing how it all ends in  book five! I've already read the excellent Abra-Cadaver but had to grab a paperback copy which has finally been released. I've already reviewed the first two books in the Life First series and liked them so I was happy when the author, the lovely RJ Crayton asked me to review book three Third Life:Taken. If you haven't read Life First then give it a try!

So the plan for this weekend is to follow the football on Twitter, and settle down tonight to finish the book with some nice chocolate and crisps! Have a good weekend everybody!




Cover Reveal: Looking for Lucy Jo by Suzy Turner


Looking for Lucy Jo by Suzy Turner
(Morgan Sisters #3)
Publication date: September 20th 2014
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

It’s their first Christmas since entering the Praxos Academy and 16-year-old sisters Lana Beth and Emma Jane Morgan are looking forward to some serious R&R. But when their little sister mysteriously disappears from her bed on Christmas Eve, all thoughts of fun disappear with her. Emma and Lana must do everything in their power to locate her and bring her home safely. Easier said than done, they are forced to go on yet another journey, this time taking them out to the murky depths of the North Sea as well as to the far reaches of southern Portugal.

Although Suzy is a Yorkshire lass at heart, she left her home town of Rotherham, UK, to move to Portugal with her family when she was ten. The Algarve continues to be her home, where she lives with her childhood sweetheart, Michael, two neurotic dogs and a cat who thinks she's a princess.
Shortly after completing her studies, Suzy was offered the position of trainee journalist for a local English newspaper. Her love of writing developed and a few years later she moved on to become assistant editor for the region's largest English language publisher. Since then she has also worked as the editor of one of the Algarve's most loved monthly lifestyle magazines. Early in 2010 however, Suzy began working as a full time author. She has since written several books: Raven, December Moon, The Lost Soul (The Raven Saga), Daisy Madigan's Paradise, The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw, The Temporal Stone (The Morgan Sisters) and Forever Fredless.

YA Blog:
Chick Lit Blog:
Other books in the series:
The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw
Adopted sisters Lana Beth and Emma Jane are polar opposites, but when the same strange 'tattoo' suddenly appears and winds its way up their bodies within days of each other, they soon realize there's more to their relationship than they could ever have imagined.
Sent off to London for two weeks of 'work experience', the Morgan Sisters soon find themselves being initiated into the ancient Praxos Foundation, one that protects the innocent while fighting evil, both human and supernatural.
At the same time, Lana Beth and Emma Jane must also investigate why the sweet but sometimes pesky ghost of Josiah Grimshaw just won't leave them alone.

"I loved the bad guys, the graveyard antics, the talking dead, the superpowers of the kick-a** ninja chicks, and the rite of initiation the sisters go through"

Daisy Madigan's Paradise (a novella)
When tragedy falls upon 15 year old Daisy Madigan, she escapes to the only place she feels safe, the cemetery of Abney Park. There, in the company of the dearly departed, she realizes she is changing, growing stronger and faster by the day. But in the darkness lurks a terror even she can't imagine facing.

What people are saying about Daisy Madigan's Paradise

"A fantastically evocative YA novella perfect for both younger and older teens."

The Temporal Stone
It's been a couple of months since Emma and Lana entered the Praxos Academy and life has been hectic ever since. What with regular A level classes combined with learning all about the supernatural world, control classes, self defence and fight night, the girls are constantly busy.
But when their world seems to stop right in front of them, they and their fellow Watchers, have a huge mystery to solve. A mystery which will lead them on a long road trip across south west England where they will meet all kinds of strange creatures, some intent on causing harm and others desperate to put a stop to the problem.

What people are saying about The Temporal Stone

"Another great read, this is the third Morgan Sisters book I have read and I loved them all. Can't wait for more."



Friday, 22 August 2014

Book Review: Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris (Sookie #10)

It's all about family ...

Sookie Stackhouse is dealing with a whole host of family problems, ranging from her own kin (a non-human fairy and a telepathic second cousin) demanding a place in her life, to her lover Eric's vampire sire, an ancient being who arrives with Eric's 'brother' in tow at a most inopportune moment. And Sookie's tracking down a distant relation of her ailing neighbour (and ex), Vampire Bill Compton.

In addition to the multitude of family issues complicating her life, the werewolf pack of Shreveport has asked Sookie for a special favour, and since Sookie is an obliging young woman, she agrees. But this favour for the wolves has dire results for Sookie, who is still recovering from the trauma of her abduction during the Fairy War.

My Review: 
Sookie is worried about Bill's health and decides to go looking for another vampire sired by Lorena whose blood might cure him. Alcide's pack discover a body on Sookie's property-it's not Debbie but it ignites more pack problems that Sookie is dragged into. Victor, the King's right hand man, wants Sookie dead and Eric discredited, and Eric's sire brings trouble to them.

Sookie is shocked when Claude asks to move in and Claudine's will leaves her a pile of money. She also has concerns that Dermot is still hanging around and has no idea if he wants her dead or not. She gets her answer when Eric's sire and his young, mad lover cause chaos in Bon Temps, and Eric cannot act against his sire. I was never sure that Dermot wanted to harm Sookie even if he is a bit strange and creepy. It's Claude that I don't like or trust, right from the beginning. He is selfish and rude and yet after treating Sookie like dirt, suddenly he wants to move in with his 'family'. Nah there must be something in it for Claude.

I'm actually wondering if being a Friend of the Pack is really in Sookie's best interests as it gets her into so many fights that have nothing to do with her! Still, at least Alcide will try to protect her as long as he is in charge. As for Sam, jeez man wake up and see what a psycho bitch your girlfriend is! He always seems to pick real bitches doesn't he? Although it is fun to see Eric and Sookie together, you just feel that his vampire realm will have to come before her every time. If she was with Sam, he would treat her well and be able to protect her without all the political bs and revenge attacks that she seems to get hit with. It is good to see Eric treating her well though and developing feelings that he doesn't understand. He is developing well as a character.

As for Victor and his crew-lets hope that they get what is coming to them very soon. Just set Pam on them and it will be problem solved-at least temporarily. You can't see Eric just sitting back and letting Victor walk all over him. Trouble is also going to be on the horizon for Sookie and Eric with the fallout over his maker. That guy was really awful and his protege from hell was a nightmare-but it was an interesting plot twist.

I might have been mad at Bill for lying to Sookie but I certainly didn't want him to die so it was good to see Sookie putting the past behind her and trying to do everything she could to save him. I don't see a romantic future for them but their friendship looks solid and he is another who will protect her no matter what.

It was a solid book without being spectacular. There were bits to enjoy like Sookie and Pam on the rampage, the attack at Eric's house and the Dermot situation. But there were a few areas where it fell a bit for me. I'd rather see the werewolf stories taking centre stage rather than the fae ones.

We'll see how the last few books deliver. 
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