Sunday, 24 August 2014

What's on Chuckle TV? #1

Welcome to Chuckle TV! 
Every week I will be talking about what I have been watching in the world of TV, be it sport, documentaries, TV series, films, soaps or interesting news items. I'll be talking about favourites from the past and all the great sounding stuff that I haven't watched yet. Believe me, there are a lot of popular series that I haven't had the chance to see! Let the Count and I be your guide in the world of entertainment! Comments are welcome on what I'm currently watching but no spoilers please or your comments will not be published!

Welcome to the first week of Chuckle TV! So what have I been watching? Well last weekend I was already watching the DVD boxset of season one and two of Storm Chasers, which I very much enjoyed. I've always been fascinated by tornado documentaries and watching these guys putting themselves in extreme danger for extreme video footage and scientific data was great. Not so great seeing the terrible damage to the towns that the tornadoes rip through. That was more sobering. So I finished the dvd boxsets by Wednesday.

Box set of season 1 and 2 together, bought from Amazon. A research meteorologist called Josh Wurman wants to place instruments into the path of a tornado to record vital scientific data. Tornado filmmaker Sean Casey needs video footage from inside the tornado and needs someone with radar to guide him there. Together they plan to chase the most dangerous storms to get the data and footage they need-if they get through the breakdowns, disagreements over which storms to chase and personality clashes.

In season 1 the footage of the storms is good but there are so many mistakes! Several times Josh makes the wrong call, causing Sean to miss his chance and tension is high as the season wears on without much success. It is intriguing to see how reliant they are on Josh's fancy equipment even when it clashes with what the chasers see in the sky. Season 2 is even better, introducing Josh's former student Reed and his team who are willing to get closer to danger to get video footage using just a camera and internet forecasts. His footage is really great and well worth viewing and I find his enthusiasm very engaging. Josh and Sean continue to butt heads over chase policy, causing Sean to start refusing to do what he is told. We also get good fun on the road with the Scout team, who I like. Great series so far!

Other than that I've watched a few old favourite films this week like the excellent Jurassic Park. I LOVE dinosaurs! When I was a kid I used to run around the school playground pretending to be a pterasaur. I even told my teacher that when I grew up I wanted to be a dinosaur. I WAS only seven...And WHERE is this Jurassic Park 4 that we were promised??? I'm getting tired of waiting! 
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Also watched again The Day after Tomorrow. Are you seeing a kind of disaster theme going here? Yes I do like a good disaster film, right back toi things like The Towering Inferno and so on. So when I heard about a film where a sudden storm reduced the northern hemisphere to a new ice age, I knew I just had to see it when it hit the shops. And I did enjoy it. There are a lot of good actors like Dennis Quaid and Ian holm and it was the first time I'd seen Jake Gyllenhaal in a film.
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And I'm itching to see this one! It's a storm chasing disaster film AND it has the gorgeous Richard Armitage in it so what more could I possibly want? It's way too expensive to go to the cinema to see it sadly so I need to wait for it to come out on dvd. *Sigh* Would he not be a perfect vampire in a film?
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