Friday, 22 August 2014

Revamping my blog

Yes I've decided on a summer revamp for my blogging. I'm happy enough with the style of it so nothing will change on that front. It is the content which I feel needs a bit of a change. There is not enough of interest on there and it needs a bit more. I'll still be doing my blog tour events, book reviews and re-start my film reviews which I have neglected over the summer and my promotion of Indie authors. I'll be adding a few new features as well which I hope to do weekly.

-What's on Chuckle TV? This feature will include things I've watched, news items that made me happy or mad or a new show that I'm really keen to watch at some point.

-My Latest Musings will become Reading with Chuckles which will have a report on what I have read or abandoned this week.

-Chuckles hates...this will be my rants about things that have bugged me. It could be authors behaving badly, rude people on book sites, bad drivers, idiots with supermarket trolleys etc 

Hope you can join me!


  1. Sounds good! I'm really bad at actually watching TV; maybe you can give me a prod with your chats about what you've been watching.

    Re: read/abandoned: I'm really bad at abandoning books, but it would make my massive list so much easier to handle... How do you square it with your brain!?

    1. As I read a book, I'm thinking do I like this? Do I care about the characters? Do I care what happens next? Would I maybe read it again in the future? If the answer to this is no, there is no point wasting time with it and I move on to something else. With a tbr of over 800, I can't waste time reading something I'm not enjoying. It's the only way to try to control my tbrs! When I review the books I just write what it is about, any good points, give my reasons why I didn't like it and let others make up their minds if it is their kind of book. Then grab the next book!