Friday, 6 September 2013

Throwback Thursday #1

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I blog about great looking new releases, new books sent to me for read and review, books reviews of what I've read and features about exciting new authors to try.

But what about all the books that are already on my TBR, waiting for me to read them? Don't they deserve a mention and a chance to be highlighted? Yes they do! 

Welcome to Throwback Thursday, where I will take the time to tell you about some of the books that have been on my shelves for a while and maybe a few of you will add them to your wishlists/tbrs. If you have read them, why not leave a comment to tell me what you thought of it-but no spoilers please!!!

1) HORROR CHOICE: I picked this book up because I loved the cover of the creepy doll, and it sounds like my kind of horror read!

It was an odd doll, carved out of wood, with stubby legs but long arms and huge hands. So little Sarah named it Mr. Hands. She loved that doll...until the day she was murdered. Now her mother, Lucy, has discovered something amazing about her daughter's doll--it allows her to control another Mr. Hands. But this one is no doll. He's a living, terrifying being with horrendous power.

Mr. Hands's deadly power is at Lucy's command. He will do whatever she tells him--even kill. To Lucy this is a rare opportunity, a chance to see that justice is done. Her justice. She decides who will live and who will suffer a horrible death, and Mr. Hands carries out the sentence without mercy. But once Mr. Hands is unleashed, will anyone be able to stop him?


When the doors of the lift crank open, the only thing Thomas remembers is his first name. But he's not alone. He's surrounded by boys who welcome him to the Glade - a walled encampment at the centre of a bizarre and terrible stone maze. Like Thomas, the Gladers don't know why or how they came to be there - or what's happened to the world outside. 

Atlanta: it's the promised city for the off-worlders, foreigners from the alternate dimensions of heaven-like Elysia and hell-like Charbydon. Some bring good works and miracles. And some bring unimaginable evil....

Charlie Madigan is a divorced mother of one, and a kick-ass cop trained to take down the toughest human and off-world criminals. She's recently returned from the dead after a brutal attack, an unexplained revival that has left her plagued by ruthless nightmares and random outbursts of strength that make doing her job for Atlanta P.D.'s Integration Task Force even harder. Since the Revelation, the criminal element in Underground Atlanta has grown, leaving Charlie and her partner Hank to keep the chaos to a dull roar. But now an insidious new danger is descending on her city with terrifying speed, threatening innocent lives: a deadly, off-world narcotic known as ash. Charlie is determined to uncover the source of ash before it targets another victim -- but can she protect those she loves from a force more powerful than heaven and hell combined?


  1. Oh that first one is creepy! I have to say tho... the last one rocks! I love that series. :)

  2. I've been meaning to start reading Charlie for AGES but other stuff gets in the way!

    Can you imagine what kind of twisted child would cuddle Mr Hands?!!!

  3. Oooo, that cover is creepy! I have Maze Runner here waiting for me as well. *sigh* Darn time thing. :D And I really enjoyed Kelly Gay's series. Hope you get to enjoy them all soon. :)

    Thank you for joining in the posts!! Glad to have you with us. :)