Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Book Review: Three Slices by Kevin Hearne & others (Iron Druid #7.5)

Three Slices presents three novellas by modern fantasy writers:

A Prelude to War by Kevin Hearne
After an old friend is murdered in retaliation for his mercenary strikes against the oldest vampires in the world, Atticus O'Sullivan must solicit the aid of another old friend in Ethiopia if he's going to have a chance of finishing a war he never wanted. Meanwhile, Granuaile MacTiernan starts a private war of her own against Loki, the lord of lies, and if it brings Ragnarok early—so be it. 

My Review: 
I got this book just to read the Kevin Hearne Iron Druid story as I don't read the other authors work.

Atticus is going to Africa to meet up with a powerful fortune teller who uses cheese production to map out the path of the person visiting her. He has need of important information and risks travelling to meet her, knowing that Werner is on his trail. She previously led led Atticus to his faithful hound Oberon and a safe haven in Tempe so he trusts her cheese to direct him. We learn of the other decisions that he made based on her information which have greatly affected his current situation, and Atticus is less pleased to learn that she has also assisted his enemies in learning things about him. I found this very interesting and it was good background to the ongoing plot and to things that have already happened.

While Atticus is hoping that the cheese will be ready before the enemy arrive, Granuaile is seeking advice of her own in Asgard about how to remove Loki's mark.

There are some short stories that can be missed in the series as they don't add anything to the current plot but this is not one to avoid. There is important information and I would suggest reading it before you get to Staked as it sets up the start of that book nicely and tells you why Atticus has returned to Toronto. 

Read November 2016.
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