Thursday, 1 December 2016

Chuckles December Preview

Welcome to my December preview! I will be sharing my plans for what I intend to read this month along with any TV series or films I hope to get to. I have planned three shorter book series which I hope is achievable in the time, along with a selection of apocalypse, monster and zombie ebooks! I had to leave time for that Patricia Briggs anthology of course. It is going to be a tougher ask this month but I really want to get a big pile of reading done this month, so I'm not choosing any films though I hope to maybe fit in a couple. Overall lots of urban fantasy, zombies and monsters to enjoy!

Noah Mann-Bugging Out
Lou Cadle-Saber Tooth
Scott M Baker-RotterWorld
Glenn Bullion-Dead Living
Peter Cawdron-What we left behind
Matthew Dennion-Polar Yeti
Rich Hawkins-The Last Plague
Rick Chesler-Landing Party
Viktor Zarkov-Jurassic Sea
TN Uner-Kill Zombies
ZJC & GTC-The Undead Plague 
Joshua Guess-With Spring comes the fall

(Deacon Chalk by James R Tuck)
#0.5 That thing at the zoo (previously read-4 star)
#1 Blood and Bullets
#1.5 Spider's Lullaby
#2 Blood and Silver
#2.5 Circus of Blood
#3 Blood and Magick
anthology-Special Features

(Yancy Lazarus by James A Hunter)
#1 Strange Magic
#1.5 Flashback:Siren Song (previously read-4 star)
#2 Cold Hearted
#3 Wendigo Rising
#3.5 Flashback:The Morrigan
#4 Savage Prophet

(Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs)
#0.5 Alpha and Omega (previously read-4 star)
#1 Cry Wolf
#2 Hunting Ground
#3 Fair Game
#4 Dead Heat

Patricia Briggs-Shifting Shadows

Game of Thrones series 6
Masterchef The Professionals series 9


  1. Wow, you definitely have an ambitious month planned. Good luck getting to read/watch everything you want to!

    1. Yeah I'll be reading hard this month to hit those goals! And of course day one of the month and I'm feeling sooo tired! Typical...

  2. I definitely need to reread Cry Wolf before I continue with that series. It's been FOREVER since I read it. I'm sure you'll get lots done this month!

    1. I'm hoping my review of it was in depth enough to avoid a reread...maybe a quick skim? But I do need to get on with that series and catch up while the book total is small! I hope I haven't set too high a target but I'll see how I get on!

  3. Wow, you are super ambitious! That is a lot of books.

    1. I'm off to a good start with one ebook read and two abandoned already!

  4. Ah Briggs! I love her Mercy Thompson series. I regret not starting her Alpha and Omega series too, thinking I don't need another werewolf/shapeshifter urban fantasy. But I hear it's really good.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. I keep meaning to catch up with Anna and Charles but I guess I'm scared I won't like it compared to Mercy! I know that's stupid but it does concern me. But I will get to it this month!