Friday, 9 December 2016

Blog Plans 2017


I've noticed that everyone is planning their blog changes for next year and thought I'd take a look at what I have in store. I am in planning mode to start a new bunch of regular posts, working on discussion post topics and deciding what I want to keep doing and which posts I'm going to stop doing. I'll be doing interesting book tags I find, maybe making up a few of my own when time allows.

Stacking the Shelves
Chuckles Cover Love
Reading With Chuckles 
Book, Film and TV reviews
Top Ten Tuesday
Monthly Preview and Review posts 
Gardening With Chuckles

Travels With Chuckles-a semi-regular look at places of interest I've visited ie cities, castles, battlefields, lakes, mountains etc

Game of Thrones discussion posts-there will be lots of spoiler filled posts about characters, deaths, shocks etc to keep us going to the new series! I was going to call it Chuckles does Westeros but that sounds like a bad porn movie!

Chuckles Book Favourites-this is me telling blog followers of my favourite books in all the genres I read. A sort of throwback series!

News With Chuckles-important world events, funny stories or crazy stories in the media

Chuckles Chat-these will be discussion posts on all kinds of topics 

Mythology With Chuckles-I'll be sharing some mythology on the gods, goddesses, monsters and myths from the various mythologies around the world, with recs for books featuring these things

Chuckles Themed Recommendations-I'll pick a topic ie djinns and ask everyone to share book recs featuring this theme so we can all find more books to add to tbr

There might be a few more ideas, a few more memes joined but this gives an idea of how The Book Cave is shaping up for next year.


  1. AHH, keep that Games of Thrones title ;-)

    btw: Real Neat Blog Award for you at

    1. If I keep that title I'll have to find a very dodgy graphic to use with it! *giggles* Thank you for the award nomination...I'll be working on my answers as soon as I catch up on my comments this morning!

  2. I like this! Looking forward to your posts - especially Game of Thrones discussions and your favourites. You seem to have read a loooot of cool books I've never heard about, especially in the Zombie/Survivor-Genre. I am always looking for books there as I love the genre, but am pretty new to it.

    1. Ooh I can think of lots of zombies to share with you! I look forward to giving you a massive tbr! I'll be republishing and updating previously reviewed books on the blog that I want to share with people again so I'll include plenty zombies for you! I'm already working on the first few GoT discussion posts ready to debut in January. I have to wait until after the holidays in case people are offline!

  3. Nice, I love blog memes like Top Ten Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesdays and Stacking the Shelves because I love to discover new books and see what others are reading or excited for. Of course, the downside is that my TBR continues to grow out of control :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. I need to check out a few more memes...maybe the Monday reading one. It is fun to see what everyone else is grabbing but it's fatal to the tbr, I agree with you on that!