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Book Review: A Hundred Words for Hate by Thomas E Sniegoski (Remy Chandler #4)

As an Angel, Remy possesses powers and skills only to be used if the situation calls for it. And the sudden reappearance of the Garden of Eden is just such a situation. Two opposing forces of immortals want the Key to the Gates of Eden, so Remy must turn for help to a fallen angel who is sometimes friend, sometimes foe-and always deadly.

My Review: 
This review contains spoilers that may ruin your enjoyment of book 2 in the series and this book.

Remy has finally asked Linda out on a date but has anxiety issues over whether he is betraying his wife's memory. It does not help when the Sons of Adam ask Remy to help find the key to unlock the Garden of Eden to let Adam die in his former home. To open it a Daughter of Eve must help and they must forgive each other for past events. Zophiel, a former Eden guardian is determined to stop them and Malachi is equally determined to open the gates.

This was certainly better than the last book which I didn't enjoy at all. The Eden story was quite interesting and with so many people wanting one thing or another, it made the story a bit more complex, making me wonder who was actually on the side of God and who was evil. I had my own thoughts on this early on and I did piece it together quickly-not sure if the author intended that but it was satisfying to be right for once! This story gave us a few interesting flashbacks to what was happening during the Angel Wars and who was fighting who, which again was quite interesting and important to this plot.

However, what I really did enjoy about this book was the look back into Francis and his story. He was sent as an assassin to kill a woman, who Malachi tried to persuade him to save. We see the lengths that Francis was willing to go to to save this woman, and discover that he has felt the kind of love that Remy has recently lost. It adds whole new depths to Francis and what he has been through and this story is mixed up with what he is currently enduring in Hell. The whole story was a bit heartbreaking and every time it moved away from this subplot I was desperate to know what was going to happen next.

The joy at Francis still being alive and having a part to play in the series felt great to start with and I looked forward to Remy finding out about his friend. But that scene did not sit well with me as it seems to suggest that Francis has sold his soul and that I did not like that at all. Again I felt cheated just like I did with the second book and it was frustrating and annoying. I felt that this development betrays everything that Francis was and fought to be and that was the last straw for me with this series. I'm done with it.

Read October 2016.
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  1. Well, you made it pretty far. I guess I didn't realize there were so many books in this series. The dog on the cover just gets cuter and cuter though (you can obviously see where my mind is at!)

    1. I think there are seven books but I don't know if that is the end of the series or not. The covers for this series are great! I think you might do better with the series than me as I don't like slow starting books and that was the biggest problem with the series.