Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Creatures Of The Night Book Tag

I saw this book tag on but it was created by katytastic over on YouTube if anyone wants to check it out! The graphic above was free on Pixabay and has no copyright so please feel free to use it on your post if you decide to take part. I tag anyone who is interested! Just leave me a link to your post or say in the post you are taking part so I can visit it.

All you have to do is pick out your favourite book which features each of these creatures. Simple! Especially when, like me, you are obsessed with monsters and creatures! Hmm it could take a while to decide!

1) Vampire!

These are the vampires that I totally love! Bones is very much like Spike from Buffy, Cat is a smart and capable half vampire partner, and we have slimy Ian, solid Spade, flamboyant Vlad (yes, that Vlad!), master vampires with special powers, evil vampires who want world domination and a group of vampires and humans trying to take them down. There is humour and romance and action and I LOVE this series! 

2) Werewolf!

I can't really look past the wonderful werewolf pack in this series. I love the quiet Alpha Jeremy and his psycho father Malcolm, Clay the deadly enforcer and his mate Elena who narrates, along with Nick and his father and the younger generation who we meet through the books. I loved the novella series that was released about the pack as much as the main series! 

3) Zombies!

Best zombie series EVER! It is fast paced, tension filled, gory, high risk missions, with characters that you really grow to care about as the series progresses. Set in the UK and US,  switching back between the main groups keeps the action going and there really is never a dull moment!

4) Ghost!

I know this is called The Morganville Vampires for a reason but I don't really read ghost books so I was struggling to think of a book I liked that had ghosts in it. Then I remembered that one of the MCs in this book is a ghost so I'm going with that. I've only read the first book and look forward to catching up with the rest of the series next year. 

5) Witch/Warlock/Spellcaster!

Yes yes I know, it's Harry again but as one of my favourite series ever, I can't NOT pick does say favourite in the tag y'know! So why Harry? The worldbuilding is amazing, the humour is great, it made me laugh and cry in equal measures, it has magic, it has life lessons to learn and a pile of weird magical creatures! My favourite in the series was book seven due to the amazing action scenes! 

6) Fairy/Fae!

I know I'm cheating here but I really am not a fan of reading about the fae as they are my least favourite creature-so I don't read much about them. So my favourite book with the fae featuring heavily has to be this series. I love all the creatures-Stefan the vampire, Adam's werewolf pack, Zee the old fae and Mercy the coyote. It is still one of my favourite ever urban fantasy series. 

7) Demon!

I have a lot of books with demons in it so it took ages to pick one but the series is called Demons of Oblivion so it seemed like a good choice for the tag. The MC is a snarky kickass vampire but the book itself is full of demons, witches and vampires, with humour and fight scenes and amusing sidekick characters to hang out with our vampire heroine! I look forward to catching up with the rest of the series next year.

8) Angel!

I'm getting a bit creative as I don't like angel books but this series heavily features reapers so that counts right? An empath and her Closet Monster roomie Maurice look after a haven for injured or abused magical creatures and keep them safe while tackling evil creatures. Witches, demons, vampires, shifters, skunk apes, fairies, djinn, harpies, pookas, you name it it features in this series. Very funny and sad at times, it's a brilliant series! 
9) Aliens!

This was a struggle at first as I don't read many alien novels but I think I remember the shapeshifting monster from IT coming from another planet. My memory is terrible but I'll go with it! My all-time favourite book features a monster luring kids to their deaths by pretending to be a clown and then becoming the monsters they are most afraid of when it is time to chase and feed. Love it!  

10) Superpowered Human!

I think this has to be Deacon Chalk! He's tough with slightly advanced healing and strength due to being healed once by an Angel, his faith and determination to kill monsters, his monster hunting crew and all the scary ass shifters on both sides keep this book action packed, exciting and  also has good snarky humour and great characters. Loved the series!


  1. Reapers totally count as angels! I'd have to use a reaper book too if I did this tag since I also don't like reading about angels. I do like reading about ghosts though. The one I'd have to cheat on would be shifters since I just don't care for those. I'm gonna go check out that Monster in My Closet book!

    1. Sometimes you just have to tweak these things! I guess instead of werewolves you could use dogs...similar! I LOVE the Monster Haven books...every girl should have a Maurice around the house to look after her!

  2. This is an awesome list! I haven't read many of these so gonna check them out and add the ones that appeal to me to my TBR! I swear my TBR is going to explode someday soon :P

    1. I'm very happy to help others buy too many books! *laughs* I love tags like this one...everyone needs more creatures in their life! My tbr exploded a long time ago!

  3. Definitely gonna make time to do this. Loved you answers and typically I've had trouble with fae books to but have read a few the past year or so which didn't totally annoy me.

    1. I'll be looking forward to seeing your list! I love tags that let me go mad with some urban fantasy!

  4. Ooh I love this tag and did it back in October. So when I saw yours I was like schwing, gotta go check it out. :) Halfway to the Grave looks awesome and I love werewolves. And the fae- yes please. I so need to read Moon Called. Bloodlines looks nasty with all that blood! :) We need more harpies too!!!

    1. I'll have to check out your tag from October! I like monster/creature related things like this so it was fun to take part in. Hope it gives you a few reading ideas!

  5. This looks fun. I should have no problem finding books for each category. I spy a couple here that I want to check out too.

    1. I love a bit of urban fantasy! I plan to read more of it next year!