Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Book Review: Undone by Chad Evercroft

One last attempt to remain sane in the unraveling economy leaves a group of college students changing schools and starting anew. Unfortunately, their new home isn't any less privy to the crumbling economy. Jobs are few and far between, grocery stores have become a war zone and safety is no longer guaranteed. Who will survive? Who will the hostility of the depression consume? Undone is a novel that takes a look at a few of the many scenarios a dystopia may bring with it. 

Even when there's hardly anything to be had, those with less will find the little you do possess. 

My Review: 
With the economy in trouble, five friends have moved away from home to a cheaper college, sharing a house to keep costs down. As campus riots begin and looting breaks out in town, it becomes a much more dangerous place than they could have expected. Grabbing what they can, they barricade themselves in and try to wait it out but locked doors will not deter everyone...

Despite the low rating, this is not a bad book. It was entertaining enough and quite well written but I was frustrated by the utter stupidity of the characters in dealing with their situation. Had they just been students, I could've understood that but two of the five were kids of parents who were preppers yet they seemed to know nothing. Tyrsa's father was a prepper and brought her up to know what it was all about yet when the first hint of trouble came, she decides they should all stay with their limited supplies instead of getting to her dad's farm just 13 hours away. That made no sense to me at all! Use your money on camping supplies and start walking or obtain five bikes and get moving! She finally decides that going there is a good idea after the nutters take charge of the streets and it's unsafe to travel!

Other decisions were just as dumb. In the SHTF scenario, with groups of psychos everywhere, you have to stay hidden. Find a house out of the way that has been looted already and hide there until you have a pla. Instead our group go back to the college campus where the riots began and where the looters who previously attacked them are concentrating their efforts. Oh yes that was a great idea. Kids making dumb decisions can be forgiven but the kids of preppers should know better than that so it just annoyed me.

The ending was also very rushed as if the author had a time deadline to meet or wanted to get started on a new project. It all ended too quickly without proper development or execution so the whole thing just fizzled out in a way that was pretty unsatisfactory for me.  

Read  November 2016.
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