Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Chuckles Childhood Book Loves

Continuing on with my look back at my childhood book loves. When I went to secondary, the girls were starting to read the coming of age type books that Judy Blume was writing, which then led a lot of us into the romance side of things. Yes chuckles actually did read teen romance! We asked the school librarian if he had Judy Blume's 'Forever' and he called us deviant little perverts! *sniggers*  Eventually one girl bought it and about ten of us borrowed it from her!

After Forever, I read other similar books which tackled sexual relationships and other issues for teenagers including rape, pregnancy, crushes on teachers, relationship problems. It was all by the same publisher.

Then we had the more slushy Sweets Dreams romance books which we all read. These were some of my favourites at the time.

And then we all became totally addicted to Sweet Valley High! Everyone seemed to be Team Jessica (including me!) or Team Elizabeth! But if Jessica had that number of boyfriends at our school, she'd have been called all sorts! Here are a few of my favourite books from that very long series...

I swear they had the longest school year EVER and the twins never aged past 16...I heard there was a senior year but I've never seen any books from it. I did try some of the Sweet Valley University books but Elizabeth drove me crazy in them and I stopped reading after about 20 books or something. Still, they were trashy fun! The other series I liked around this time was the Cheerleaders series but I never got to read them all. I hated Mary Ellen, stuck up cow...Nancy and Vanessa were my favourites!

The author who thought up Sweet Valley High did another series about a bitchier, richer version of Jessica who was a cow from hell. It was a good trilogy at the time.

Anyone read any of these books? Funny how I loved these when I was about 13 but now I don't enjoy books that are heavy on romance!


  1. The only ones here I read are some of the Judy Blume ones. I remember we all thought it was such a big deal to be reading the "Are You There God? It's Me Margaret" book. It was almost like a right of passage as we grew up. I probably like romance in books a tad bit more than you, but now, I just don't see where it has to be such a big element in so many. Romance books can be fun from time to time but if I want to read romance, I'll pick one up. I don't really want it to monopolize my horror or urban fantasy books necessarily.

    1. You just had to read Judy Blume! She was the only author at that time who seemed to get the worries and fears of young teens and answer questions that you'd be too embarrassed to ask your parents!

      I think lots of authors seem to think that only sex sells and don't take account of not everyone wanting to see that in zombie books, for example. A good well written romance that doesn't over dominate the story is fine but too many authors shove in poor romance stories or pointless sex just for the sake of it which pleases nobody!

  2. My best friend growing up had all of the Judy Blume books and we read those things until the covers nearly came off. I never read Sweet Valley High but some of these Sweet Dreams books look awfully familiar. Especially Ask Annie. I'm pretty certain I read that one a million years ago.

    1. I'm not sure how we would've survived without Judy Blume! I loved Blubber and them constantly! It makes me feel OLD looking at these books!