Thursday, 15 December 2016

Book Review: Special Features by James R Tuck (Deacon Chalk extras)

Deacon Chalk has hunted every monster under the sun. Now read the stories that happen when no one else is looking.

This is the last book published by James R Tuck in the series but he has indicated that he'll get back to Deacon after fulfilling other publisher requirements so I hope it comes soon. The three short stories I've already reviewed on my blog are NOT in this anthology which is a pity. I didn't read the trailer script or character interviews as that doesn't interest me but I did read all the short stories.

Dolly: (4*)
A stripper abused by her elvish prince ex wants Deacon to rescue her dog and evict him from her home. Deacon discovers that the prince is also kidnapping girls to appear in ogre porn videos. The story behind the buying of Polecats.

Tiff's First Day: (3*)
This is an extra chapter that could be inserted into the first book, showing what happened to Tiff on her first day at Polecats before Deacon accidently almost killed her! I liked the way Tiff stands up to Kat!

The Ravenous: (2*)
I was pleased to see there was a story about Phoebe Fluffenstuff as I just love the idea of a were-pom with that name! I found this a bit dull as I wasn't sure why this story was happening or the background to it. I do hope to see more of her in future books!

Twas the fright before Christmas: (3*)
This would have been better as a longer story but I liked Deacon taking on an aswang disguised as Santa who wants to eat children.

Shop til you drop: (4*)
Deacon is having a miserable day at the Black Friday sales until he spots the Boogeyman lurking to grab an unsuspecting child. I feel Deacon's pain over mad shoppers!

Nature Trail to Hell: (4*)
When a pack leader and his troop go missing and a cop turns up dead, Deacon goes out on the trail of a deadly Wendigo.

Fresh Ink: (3*)
Deacon goes back to his old tattoo parlour now run by James R Tuck and his son, and has to stop an angry boy from placing a death curse on the business.

I don't want to go into too much detail with the short stories so you can enjoy them without spoilers. My favourites were Dolly and Shop til you drop. It is a good book for fans of the Deaconverse to get a few stories to do us until the next book comes out!

Read December 2016.
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  1. These sound really fun. I LOVE the name Phoebe Fluffenstuff - awesome. In fact, I find myself just wanting to say it over and over. Glad to see this series continues to go well for you!

    1. I love that name too! I really hope she appears in later books. That's me caught up with the series...I just hope we get news of a new book soon!