Monday, 5 December 2016

Book Review: The Torn World by Melanie Karsak (The Harvesting #3)

Our world is dead.

With the undead walking, vampires hunting, and kitsune closing in, everything seems lost. Layla and the others will need help if there is any hope of survival. But how can you endure in the dying world?

Join Layla, Cricket, Amelia, and the other survivors for the final chapter of The Harvesting Series in The Torn World.

My Review:
I was so excited about reading this book as I've enjoyed every book in the series so far and this was a fitting end to it. It's a bit sad that there is no more! The start of this review has plot spoilers from The Shadow Aspect which might spoil the series for you if you haven't read it. The POV are from Layla, Cricket and Amelia.

The group from the college have fled the zombies and kitsune and went through the portal, coming out into the maze on the Witch Wood estate in front of a startled Amelia. As the survivors grieve for those who were lost, Layla is plagued by her last sight of Jamie and needs answers as to how he is and if he can be saved. Did the doctor's cure have the potential to save the intelligent zombies? Would it save those bitten but not yet turned? Was the doctor correct to do her illegal virus trials on human subjects to save humanity? Was Layla's thirst for revenge on the doctor going to doom attempts for a cure? Can they risk their lives to go back to the college for notes and injections with the zombies and kitsune lying in wait for them?

Beatrice thinks that there is a chance that she might be able to follow the notes and finish working on the cure but is less keen on being part of the raiding party to go to the college to get what she needs. Layla is determined that she will go if only to find Jamie and get a cure or closure. The others argue the merits of who should go and who needs to stay at Witch Wood. Amelia wonders if the cure might save her mother or end her suffering.

The action starts quickly as supplies are needed for the now agreed return to the college as well as fully stocking up Witch Wood for a long stay. But with the magic enchantment around the estate being fae made, how long will it be before the kitsune track them down and is there a safer place to go? Layla in particular remains paranoid and on the alert for any sign of a fox as the teams gather weapons for the attack. There is a lot of tension in the air but the real test is still to come. By the time the raiding party was ready to go back to the college, I was just about chewing my nails.

The return to the castle was pretty exciting to read about with everyone on alert for zombies and foxes as they approach the castle. First a diversion is needed to get the zombies away from the building and then it is time to take their chances and head for the lab for what they need. But Layla is more concerned with exploring on her own and looking for Jamie. Are the kitsune still around and waiting for them? Will they all get back to Witch Wood? And for those that do, will it remain a safe place?

I don't want to say much more about the events in the book as you will want to read it for yourself without knowing everything. I liked the fact that they had to go back for the cure but the plot continued to entertain after that with lots of zombies, foxes and the faint but present threat of the vampires. I found the ending pretty satisfying and it was a fitting end to the series.  

Read November 2016.
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  1. You've definitely got me wanting to check out this series now!

    1. The books are pretty quick to get through as well and it certainly wasn't boring!