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Book Review: Secret of Betrayal by DelSheree Gladden (Destroyer #2)

When faced with the choice between saving Milo’s life and embracing her destiny, Libby Sparks knew there was only one answer. Become the Destroyer. Libby is about to learn that accepting her fate is only the first step in figuring out what being the Destroyer truly means. Libby must reign in and develop her talents while planning to rescue her captive army of Ciphers from the hands of Guardians. 

Rescuing the Ciphers is already dangerous enough, but everything becomes even more precarious when Cipher hunter, Braden, pushes his way into Libby’s life. The strange connection they share frightens Libby, but it also pushes her to trust him despite her better judgment. When Libby’s feelings of trust begin to morph into something more, her relationship with Milo isn’t the only thing tested. If she is wrong about Braden’s motives, everyone involved in the Cipher rescue may pay the ultimate price for her mistake.

My Review: 
I loved the first book when I read it a few years ago and I find myself wishing that I had completed the trilogy at the time instead of leaving it this long. The reason is, at that time I loved YA dystopia and couldn't read enough of it, the tropes didn't bother me as much and had I read it then I might've enjoyed the book. However over the last 18 months I grew tired of the same tropes in every book I picked up and it totally switched me off YA books in general so that now I hardly read them. I was a bit concerned that it would affect my enjoyment of this book and sadly I was right.

The book starts with Libby assessing the situation and trying to learn how to contact the Ciphers to build her army. I was hoping that the focus of the book would be on Libby developing her powers and working with the resistance but it didn't seem to go that way at all. We get told that she tries to contact the spirit world and fails despite help from Milo's mother but we don't really see it happening and she makes no progress. There is a lot of Libby sitting about in classes but nothing about her learning anything and we don't see Mr Walker. The closest we get to the resistance is Cipher families leaving Face book messages of support and a kid offering help from eight families in the local area. That was all I saw about The Destroyer side of things in the first 80 pages which was disappointing.

Instead it was all about the YA angst between the main characters. It is annoying enough that Milo and Lance can't put their feeling aside to work properly as a team. Instead they bitch and whine about each other all the time, forcing Libby to continually tell them to behave, reminding Lance that she won't date him again and acting like an umpire in their petty squabbles. The two of them act like spoiled kids so it's no real surprise that Libby isn't moving forward with any kind of plan when her protectors spend all their time trying to outdo each other. Milo and Lance seem to sulk all the time which is very boring and Lance continually demands to know when Libby is with Milo and who she is sleeping with. It is really annoying!

Yes that was bad enough but then we get Braden deciding that he wants to help too. Of course there is some kind of strange attraction between them which smacks of more instaluv and looks like it could move the love triangle dynamic to a love square which is beyond my patience. Braden is also a complete asshat, behaving the way Lance did in the first book and making me want to kill him. He taunts Libby by proving she isn't strong enough to make him go away, turns up everywhere to unsettle her, and flirts non stop with her despite her complaining it makes him uncomfortable. He is behaving like a childish moron instead of a Guardian.

I got tired of everyone fighting with each other and sulky love interests on every page. I wanted to hear more about The Destroyer but I wasn't willing to wade through all the YA angst and cliches to get to it. Disappointed as I had high hopes for this based on book one.

Read December 2016.
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