Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Chuckles November Review

Welcome to my November review, where I'm sharing my reading and viewing for the month and reveal whether or not I achieved my goals. Overall it was a pretty good month as you can see! I caught up fully on the Iron Druid series I own which I'm pleased about! I got all my ebooks looked at except one and all my TV series watched including three extra series of Game of Thrones that I hadn't planned on doing this month. It made my book deadlines a bit too tight! Failed on the film side of things with only one out of four watched but I'm not too worried because I did get lots of GoT done instead. On the paperback side of things I did get 5 looked at out of 6. Overall, a success!

April Aasheim-The Witches of Dark Root (abandoned)
Marla Braziel-Zombie Wars Online (read-3 stars)
Rob Cornell-Darker Things (abandoned)
Holly Evans-Infernal Ties (abandoned)
William Massa-Gargoyle Knight (abandoned)
Bobby D Lux-Dog Duty
LZ Hunter-KRex (read-2 star)
Catt Dahman-Dinosaurs (read-3 star)
Linda Jackson-Twisted Bloodlines (abandoned)
AL K Line-Ink:Red (abandoned)
Alex Laybourne-Hard Time (read-2 star)
Chad Evercroft-Undone (read-2 star)
Andrew Dudek-First Kill (read-3 star)
Jay J Falconer-Linkage (abandoned)
Ian Woodhead-Pteranodon Mall (abandoned)

Kevin Hearne-Iron Druid
#2 Hexed (read-5 star)
#3 Hammered (read-3 star)
#3.5 A Test of Mettle (read-2 star)
#4 Tricked (read-4 star)
#4.5 Two Ravens and One Crow (read-5 star)
#4.6 Chapel Perilous (read-3 star)
#4.7 The Demon Barker of Wheat Street (read-4 star)
#5 Trapped (read-4 star)
#6 Hunted (read-4 star)
#7 Shattered (read-3 star)
#7.5 A prelude to war (3 star)
#8 Staked (read-4 star)

Melanie Karsak-The Shadow Aspect (read-5 star)
Melanie Karsak-The Torn World (read-5 star)
Cynthia Hand-My Lady Jane
David Estes-Brew (abandoned)
Kelley Armstrong-Otherworld Chills (read-4 star)
Kelley Armstrong-Driven (read-3 star)

Into the Storm
Guardians of the Galaxy
The Theory of Everything (good)
World War Z

Game of Thrones series 2 (completed)
The Great British Bake Off series 6 (completed)
The Great British Bake Off series 7(completed)

Game of Thrones series 3. 4, 5, 

How did you get on with goals for the month?


  1. Great job. You did get a lot of the Iron Druid books knocked off. I need to look back and get ready to post what I accomplished. Since I had what I am calling "The Great Reading Slump of November 2016" I'm a tad afraid to.

    1. I'm pretty pleased overall especially catching up with the series. I have BIG plans to get a ton of stuff done next month! I hope your reading slump is over! Dr Chuckles prescribes a nice serving of Oberon to get you started...

  2. Replies
    1. Most of the books are around the 200 page or less mark except the paperbacks so I was able to get through them using 4 hours a day reading at night and the odd hour in the morning. I am a pretty fast reader though so don't feel bad!

  3. Wow, you got a lot done! Awesome :) You just reminded me, that I wanted to re-watch Guardians of the Galaxy.. And I am off to do exactly that in a few minutes :) Love days off!

    If you feel like it, check out the Aussie Bake Off :) One of the judges is super annoying but apart from that it's really good.

    1. Next month will be quite difficult with tough goals to meet! I need to check out the Aussie Bake Off! I'll try hunting it down on YouTube or something today...