Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Chuckles November Preview

Welcome to my November preview, where I share my reading and viewing plans for the month ahead. I plan to be very busy with ebooks, catching up on a book series, planning some films and continuing to watch a TV series I began last month. October was productive but I want to get even more done this month, hence the bigger goals set!

I plan to read the last books to complete the Melanie Karsak and Kelley Armstrong series which should all be quick reads. I cannot wait any longer to read My Lady Jane! I am also determined to try and catch up with the Iron Druid series. I loved book one and a few short stories I've read though finishing it this month might be a tad optomistic! I intend to fully catch up with the Bake Off which I've become somewhat addicted to...just in time for it changing channel and losing three presenters! Argh! Having shouted, swore, laughed and cried my way through Game of Thrones season one, I plan to get season 2 and perhaps more watched. I want to be fully caught up before Christmas.

What are your November plans?

April Aasheim-The Witches of Dark Root
Marla Braziel-Zombie Wars Online
Rob Cornell-Darker Things
Holly Evans-Infernal Ties
William Massa-Gargoyle Knight
Bobby D Lux-Dog Duty
LZ Hunter-KRex
Catt Dahman-Dinosaurs
Linda Jackson-Twisted Bloodlines
AL K Line-Ink:Red
Alex Laybourne-Hard Time
Chad Evercroft-Undone
Andrew Dudek-First Kill
Jay J Falconer-Linkage
Ian Woodhead-Pteranodon Mall

Kevin Hearne-Iron Druid
#2 Hexed
#3 Hammered
#3.5 A Test of Mettle
#4 Tricked
#4.5 Two Ravens and One Crow
#4.6 Chapel Perilous
#4.7 The Demon Barker of Wheat Street
#5 Trapped
#6 Hunted
#7 Shattered
#7.5 Three Slices
#8 Staked

Melanie Karsak-The Shadow Aspect
Melanie Karsak-The Torn World
Cynthia Hand-My Lady Jane
David Estes-Brew
Kelley Armstrong-Otherworld Chills
Kelley Armstrong-Driven

Into the Storm
Guardians of the Galaxy
The Theory of Everything
World War Z

Game of Thrones series 2
The Great British Bake Off series 6
The Great British Bake Off series 7


  1. I haven't made it through Otherworld Chills yet. In fact, I think Driven is actually one of the stories in it. I really love that series, but find the short stories/novellas tend to lose me some. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the Iron Druid books. I am planning on reading that series in 2017.

    1. I'd read half the stories in Otherworld Chills before this but I quite liked the others which tried to wrap up each character's personal story. I'm a bit annoyed that Brazen turned up in it as I spent a lot buying that novella in hardback! With Driven being the last ever Otherworld pack book, I'm leaving it until later. I want to see what happens to Malcolm! I've read the first Iron Druid book and a few short stories so I'm excited to get on with the series!

  2. That's quite the stack for the month! I hope you enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy -- it's silly, but fun.

    1. I've dealt with 9 of the books already so I'm REALLY motoring along! Read 4 abandoned 5! Off to a good start. I hope to get either a film or GOT watched this weekend depending on mood.