Monday, 14 November 2016

Book Review: Infernal Ties by Holly Evans

The Hawke twins are hunters. They keep the supernal community of Prague in line, and they’re good at it. The witches whisper their names when something goes bump in the night, and the lycans tell stories of them to make their cubs behave. When Quin doesn’t come home after what should have been a quick rogue-disposal, Evie begins to worry.

Evelyn Hawke is a force to be reckoned with. Nothing and no one will stop her from getting her twin back. She’ll do whatever it takes, even dive into the supernal world and work with those she despises to find Quin and dig him out of the very large hole he’s got himself into.

Little does she know the far-reaching consequences of her actions. 

My Review: 
I liked the sound of the plot but for me I just didn't enjoy this one at all.

I felt no connection to Evelyn. She is cold, rude and unpleasant and swaggers into every situation with rude and confrontational attitude and then demands information. The alchemist is right when he says that she marches in and demands help with no regard for anything except what she wants. I don't particularly like her. She admits that she has made no attempt to be friends with other hunters or to gather allies, then she is surprised when pretty much everyone she goes to for information would rather kill her than help her? I can fully see their point.

Quin is obviously the good twin, who gathers friends and allies and tries to learn new skills that will aid them both. He likes to learn about alchemy which might have helped Evelyn find him had she not admitted that she chose to learn nothing about it and did not even listen when Quin tried to talk to her about it. Learning how to distinguish between his simplest powders and how to use them might have aided her healing and her search, but she never bothered showing interest in anything he was doing. She also spends a fair bit of time moaning that he has left her to deal with everything and she doesn't know what to do, as she was used to him dealing with all the difficult things. I find her frustrating and annoying.

The rest of the characters are unpleasant. Everyone is rude, evil and nasty and the locals of Prague are represented as a rude and unfriendly bunch of people, which does not greatly excite me when I'm trying to get into a story and enjoy it. The pattern for the book seems to be that Evelyn insults someone who hates her, gets into a fight and runs home, along with glaring at everyone she meets on the trams. Is she ever nice to anyone???

The book is also very descriptive. Even if she just goes into a building for a few minutes, there is a full description of what it looks like, and then a page later she goes in somewhere else and the pattern repeats itself again. I found this description unnecessary and would have preferred a bit more worldbuilding about the supernatural world instead of the architecture of Prague on every page. It also felt repetitive with the same pattern of fight and move on to the next target, repeat.

Overall it just wasn't gripping me with plot or character and I did not finish it.

Read November 2016
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  1. It is almost impossible to enjoy a book when you don't care for any of the characters. I hope you next read is better for you!

    1. I totally agree! I need to be invested in the MC to fully connect with a book and I just didn't find that happening with this one.

  2. Too bad you didn't enjoy this one. Oh well, there's plenty of other books out there for you to read. If you don't like any of the characters, why bother.

    1. It's another one off the tbr which suits me just fine! It was 100 pages and I had hoped to get through it but at 33 pages I felt like I was ploughing through a treacle field! Quin seemed the only nice character and he was the one who was missing!

  3. The plot does sound good. Too bad the execution didn't work :( I hope you're next one is much better.

    1. I hate it when that happens...if I don't like the MC my chances of liking the book drop to about zero!