Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Top Ten Tuesday

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Finally I have time to take part in this again! This week's topic is Ten Books I've recently added to my tbr. Hah! I've always got new additions to tbr so here are a few of them with a handy Goodreads link where you can check them out...

1) George R.R Martin-A Game of Thrones
Having finally started watching the series on dvd, I was keen to grab the books which I'll read after the series finishes. It'll be interesting to see what is different in the books.

2) RL King-Stone and a Hard Place
A new-to-me urban fantasy series that I found on Amazon about a mage/occult professor taking on dark mages wanting to release evil spirit. Always looking for new UF series to try.

3) Amy Braun-Demon's Daughter
Another new series I thought I'd try about sisters on the run from scary monsters, the police, and bounty hunters who want to use one sister's special powers for evil. Nice cover too...

4) JW Vohs-Zombie Crusade: Transformation
This is book six in an excellent zombie apocalypse series that I started reading a couple of years back. Hope to catch up reading this one over the winter. Link is for book one in the series.

5) Darrell Maloney-Alone: On Desert Sands
Book six in apocalypse drama I love! An ordinary man turned prepper has his plans thrown into chaos when he is seperated from his family when the apocalypse hits. Link to book one.

6) Nicholas Sansbury Smith-Extinction Aftermath
Book Six in a zombie series I recently started reading. Fast paced with lots of twists and zombie fun! Link is for book one.

7) Lindsey Fairleigh-Ink Witch
Another new author! An immortal tarot card reader must use all her powers to find her missing brother. Sounds like interesting urban fantasy/paranormal.

8) Ann Charles-Dance of the Winnebagos
I fancied trying something different. Loved the cover and it is supposed to be a funny cozy mystery. Don't normally read this kind of book but we'll give it a shot!

9) Simone Pond-Sacred Light
Another new UF book about a woman trying to track a demon mage who stole sacred scrolls and has to face demons, vampires and shifters. Sounds interesting and a great cover!

10) Robert Boren-Horror Road 2 and 3
This is a supernatural horror spin off to the brilliant apocalypse series Bug Out. I love this author's work and look forward to reading this soon. 


  1. Nice haul - my Top 10 is a mix of review titles and books that I just want to read for myself.

    1. It's been a good mix of books I've grabbed recently-some will be on STS this weekend!

  2. Great...just added 3 of the books you added to your TBR to my TBR. I knew this week's topic was going to be dangerous. I'm interested in Dance of the Winnebagos (I think I already own another one in that series I picked up for free), Demon's Daughter and Ink Witch. I REALLY have to read more urban fantasy next year!

    1. I think I drifted away from UF to zombies this year so it's nice to find a few new authors to try. I thought the cover of the Ann Charles one would catch your eye! I found a few to add from other blogs too...

  3. Huh, you reading a funny cozy mystery? I can't quite reconcile it! Heh. Hope you enjoy it, though -- it can be fun to get off the beaten path sometimes.

    1. Yeah you don't tend to get zombies disturbing garden tea parties huh! A little bit outside my comfort zone! I liked the cover and I've never really tried more than one cozy mystery so I figured I'd give it a go!

  4. Great list you got there! A lot of them are new to me so am gonna check them out on Goodreads! Thanks for visiting Books.Bags.Burgers. :)

    1. I read a lot of Indie books so a lot of folks coming to my blog don't recognise them, which is good as then hopefully more interest in lesser known books. Yea!

  5. I hope you enjoy Game of Thrones as much as I did. The whole series is really good.
    I love a good zombie story so will definitely have to check out the first Extinction book.

    1. I've enjoyed what I've watched so far...can't believe it has taken me this long to get watching it! You will find many zombies and disasters on this blog, that's for sure!

  6. I've had a hard time getting into Urban Fantasy. I am reading Venom and Vanilla right now, which isn't too bad at about 40% of the way in. It just seems like so many UF books are Buffy rip offs, or at least the ones I've tried.

    1. That can certainly be a problem with Buffy rip-offs! I discovered UK through Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld books, Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson books, Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse...then discovered Jaye Wells, Sonya Bateman, Jeaniene Frost, Kelly Meding, Rob thurman, Christina Henry, MLN Hanover, DD Barant and so on. I've got a ton of UF reviews on here or on Goodreads you can check out to see if something appeals. I go for kickass and avoid the romance side of UF so authors like Shannon Mayer are less to my taste. Hope you end up enjoying the book though!