Friday, 11 November 2016

Book Review: RV Alliance by Robert Boren (Bug Out #12)

Scott struggles to keep his serial killer clan alive, but he is no longer the hunter. He is the hunted, and time is running out. Malcolm, Ted, and George are closing in. The FBI believes that Malcolm killed Agent Keith. Did he? UN Peacekeepers arrive to administer Small Pox vaccine. Why are they trying to disarm citizens at the same time?

Jeb and Rosie are kidnapped by Daan Mertins. Will our friends save them? Is it too late? The Islamists are gathering in New Mexico, getting ready for their final stand as they continue to put pressure on the RV Park. New allies join our friends, arriving in Motorhomes and Humvees. Will it be enough? 

My Review: 
The RV park watch in horror as Europe comes under attack by IS but London citizens are fighting back. Scott finds himself under attack by his date's angry ex and they have to go on the road together to escape trouble. Gabe confides the truth about the serial killers to another RV park owner so that Sue can be on alert for them. Malcolm is suspected of killing Agent Keith, Frank takes a road trip to the hospital and gets into trouble with UN authorities and civilians are outraged at being disarmed by the UN and are determined to take a stand.

The action is certainly flowing again as our group find new conflict with those in authority. Agent Williams is willing to work with Ted and Malcolm to stop Scott if they have not killed Agent Keith, who continues to be a thorn in Malcolm's side even when dead. The FBI are split in two with nobody sure of who is on what side. Scott can see the net closing in on him when his Ohio house makes the news and his decision to stop at Sue's RV park to seek more victims is about to set off a whole new chain of events that will put Sue at risk. Sue decides to flee but a suspicious Scott is going to go after her and Gabe is too far away to get to her.

Frank takes Jane, Jasmine and Jerry to the hospital to collect Jeb and Rosie but on the way he is stopped by the UN to give out the smallpox vaccines and is alarmed when they want to search his vehicle for weapons. Aware of his rights, Frank refuses and is allowed to leave but he is worried by this new development and alerts the General, who indicates that the President has passed this as law. The Un are not about to give up and locate Frank at Clint's RV park which leads to trouble. Clint agrees with Frank and his family are ready to fight to defend their rights, turning the RV park into a battleground. Trouble is just starting for them by the time they reach the hospital to find that Jeb and Rosie have been captured.

Frank, Gabe and Malcolm's groups are concerned when they none of them can reach their RV park and fear that another attack is under way. Clint is afraid that his intervention in UN affairs will be the death of him and is offered sanctuary in Kansas so he joins Frank's group. Getting back to Kansas with the UN gunning for them is going to be a whole new problem to deal with.

Arrgghh more of my favourites are in trouble! Poor Jeb has no luck at all and my heart is in my mouth for him and Rosie and poor Sue! There are more exciting twists and turns with the addition of the UN causing trouble. I had to laugh at that though...usually you could light a fire under the Un and they would discuss whether or not it should be put out or not! Still, it was an enjoyable storyline and adds a whole new dimension to the plot.

I can't believe we only have one book to go! 

Read April 2016
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  1. I've not heard of this series, it sounds very interesting! I may have to go back and look for the first book. Great review!

    1. The copies I have are a bit untidy on format and lack of editing but I was able to ignore it because the story was fast paced and fun!