Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Book Review: RV Race to Battle by Robert Boren (Bug Out #10)

A former friend is now working with an evil serial killer. They stage a murder spree across three states as they plan for their ultimate attack in Kansas. The enemy is trying to cope with the new technology that Frank has released. Can they successfully hide themselves? A biker gang rides against the serial killers. A battle rages. Who will prevail? 

A key member of our RV group is critically wounded. He's hanging onto life by a thread. Will he survive? More attacks come to the RV Park. Our group can escape into their bunker, but will their Motorhomes be destroyed? Will they be stranded on the Kansas Prairie? 

My Review: 
Jane and Jasmine are tracking the trail of bodies towards Ohio with increasing alarm while Jake and Gabe get all the security cameras back online to assist with their defence. Frank sets up secure communications so that the assault team chosen to attack the national park can receive updates on the scene. It is a nervous time for the RV group being split into two but is it going to be any safer staying at the RV park with the constant fear of invasion, when the apps indicate that the enemy has crossed the border into Kansas? The good government guys are ready to take out their own enemies at The White House, Capitol Building and Pentagon, while the serial killers plot their latest move.

This book really went for my last remaining nerves! Jeb, Kurt, Malcolm, George, Terry, Jerry, Earl, Jackson and the privates all head off to the national park to try to ambush the terrorists who are stationed there. The attack group were split into several groups and that made it easy to get really nervous for everyone as the battle progressed. Things take on panic level for me as one of my favourites gets shot and I was horrified as more injuries piled up. The battle was well written and I felt as if I was living every moment of it with the characters. My nerves really were stretched to breaking point as the war gets really serious now. But I did think that the book was realistic in that not everyone is going to stay safe and well in this type of conflict, especially with a big cast.

The General, Frank, Jane, Jasmine, Gabe, Jake, Dobie and Charlie with the other women are to protect the park and man the communications with the attack group while keeping track of the terrorists and Scott. Reports that they are about to be subjected to a helicopter attack throws the entire park into chaos and panic. Will the underground bunkers save them or will the militants find them trapped there? As the group face a possible open gun battle, my stomach was in knots. All of my favourite characters were in danger here or at the national park and yet again the tension was seriously ramped up.

If that wasn't enough to entertain the reader, Scott and Howard's brutal crime spree continues as Scott goes to visit his relatives and plan his next move. Howard is no longer trying to resist the pull of his old life and the partnership is fully forged again. Frank's apps are about to go live which could be a game changer, allowing ordinary people to fight the enemy closest to them and take the pressure off the military, while giving their enemies multiple battles to fight. Rumours from one of their prisoners also indicates that a biological weapon may be deployed against the population.

The next problem for the RV group is that several of their people are now at an unsecure hospital where high level IS prisoners are also being treated and that is about to make the hospital the next target...aarrgghh! And to make matters worse, Gabe and Hilda are paying a visit to her RV park to check the damage and fear they are being followed...So the book closes with another high tension episode which is exactly what I love about this series.

Very few series can keep up a high standard throughout especially over thirteen episodes but this author is certainly managing to do so. Loving it! 

Read April 2016.
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