Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Book Review: Motorhomes on the Dark Road by Robert Boren (Bug Out #11)

The serial killer clan is still active, taking up residence in their sinister home base, preparing for battle with Malcolm and George. A dirty FBI agent attempts a double cross. Will he be successful? Somebody is going to die, but who? What dark secrets are found in the serial killer's lair? Why were founding members of Scott's clan questioned in California, way back in the 1940s? 

Jeb is still in the hospital, fighting for his life with Rosie by his side. Will he recover?  Enemy Attacks come at the RV Park and on the road. Will they survive and triumph, or will they flee in their Motorhomes again?

My Review: 
The army men attempt to stop the attack on the hospital while Jeb awaits surgery while Charlie leads a group to find Hilda and Gabe on the road. The Kansas roadblock is gone, leaving the RV park vulnerable as unknown vehicles are headed their way. Sherry is forced to pick between going straight or alerting Scott that his enemies are on to him while Chet's group are linked to the Black Dahlia murder.

The enemy using lead shielded transport to block the chip signal is a massive problem to the RV team as the terrorists can now move around unseen again. It allowed the attacks on the hospital, on the road and at the RV park. Yes, more attacks! I think if I lived at the RV park I'd be spending all my time hiding in the bunker! It is exciting to keep having frequent attacks and alarms for our group as you never quite know what is coming next.

Scott is planning how to get into the RV park and considers using Howard as a decoy but this is not welcomed when Howard discovers that Scott left all the tapes in the dungeon which the RV people may have already watched. A failed abduction attempt by Scott's group leads to their faces being plastered all over tv and Scott becomes obsessed with killing the witness who can finger him. An FBI agent enemy of Malcolm is also determined to interfere in the case but whose side is he on and what is he going to do? Ted decides to get local law enforcement involved in stopping Sherry. This plot is also moving at speed as we move towards a confrontation between the RV group and Scott's group. I found it interesting the way the unsolved Black Dahlia case was woven into the story and it adds more interest.

Ted and Malcolm are determined to track down Scott to stop him getting the chance to come back to the RV park. George is concentrating on the appearance of Daan Mertins in the US with the WTO as he is the suspected mastermind and The General is convinced that a major attack is coming somewhere.

This book is setting up for the big finale in the last two books and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.
Read April 2016. 
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