Thursday, 10 November 2016

Chuckles Childhood Book Loves

Next on my list of nostalgia book reads from childhood were the girls boarding school books! As a primary school kid I was fascinated by the tales of girls of various ages going off to a variety of boarding schools and having midnight feasts! I'm sure the reality of boarding school was different but I so much wanted to go to them!

Enid Blyton-The Naughtiest Girl

Oh dear, Elizabeth really was a monster child from hell when she got sent away to boarding school! I loved her adventures as I was a very well behaved child and I loved seeing the trouble she caused! I had the first three books which I thought was the whole series. 

I'm just finding out now that there seems to be about ten of them. I feel cheated! I never knew! This was the actual cover for the copy I had then. Doesn't she look charming!

Staying with Enid Blyton, The Queen of British boarding schools, I was also a big fan of two others that she wrote-Malory Towers at St Clares. Malory Towers was my favourite of the two as I could relate to the bad tempered Darrell and loved the tricks the girls played on their poor French teacher!

The other one that I really enjoyed were the books set at Trebizon. I loved Rebecca, Tish and Sue but I don't remember if I read the whole series or not.

The other popular set of books that I would see in the library were The Chalet school books but I never really took to these books for some reason. 

Did you ever read any boarding school books when you were a kid or returned to them years later to see if you still enjoyed them?


  1. I never wanted to go to a boarding school. It was hard enough living in a box (that's what we called our extremely tiny dorm room - across from the laundry room so we had killer dustbunnies invade at least once a week or so). I must have lived in a vacuum because I've not heard of any of these!

    1. These were so popular in the UK in the 70's and 80's! When I think about my desire to go to boarding school now, I cringe with horror at how bad it might have been! Luckily I didn't have rich parents to endulge my stupid ideas!

  2. Oh, that definitely brings back memories! I loved Boarding School books when I was a kid. And even now I still love the school setting. Enid Blyton was one of my favourite authors! I read the books about the Twins over and over :)

    1. Now the new generation are wanting to go to boarding school Hogwarts! I'm STILL waiting on my letter...I loved Enid Blyton. Her books will be featuring again on my next childhood post!