Monday, 31 October 2016

TV Review: Game of Thrones series 1

I've had these box sets for a while and never watched a single episode. Part of me was scared it wasn't going to live up to the hype but finally I bit the bullet and watched series one-and very much enjoyed it! That was a relief! This review of season one will be free of big plot spoilers and will only contain vague descriptions and general thoughts about who I like and dislike so it will be safe to look at if you haven't watched the series yet.

My first thought was to construct the list of my favourite characters in the series so far:
Eddard Stark
Khal Drogo
Tyrion Lannister
Daenerys Targaryen
Jon Snow
Jorah Mormont
Jeor Mormont
Samwell Tarly
Syrio Forel

Next are the ones I wanted to see die a horrible death:
Cersei Lannister
Jaime Lannister
Joffrey Lannister
Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish
Viserys Targaryen
Lysa Arryn 

You can see based on my list what a mixed season I had! The first thing I loved when watching the first couple of episodes were the Starks with their gorgeous direwolves. I've always been a fan of wolves so you can imagine what happened with me in episode two. I'm a huge fan of Sean Bean so Eddard was always going to be a favourite especially being a man of honour and integrity, and who loves his entire family including his bastard Jon Snow. I very much liked their family dynamic and the simple life they had in the North. My one issue with them was Eddard's loyalty to the King which caused plenty of trouble for the family.

On to the Lannisters. For those who have seen season one, I need not explain why I hate almost all of them! I despise Cersei and Jaime, but as the series went on there were brief moments where I had slight sympathy for them. Loved the acting from them and the brilliant Charles Dance as their cold hearted father. However, I hate Joffrey with every beat of my heart, the little shit!!! Moving on, my favourite character without doubt is Tyrion Lannister. I loved the way he uses his intelligence to out-think others, and his wit and rudeness is very funny! Played brilliantly by the excellent Peter Dinklage.

The court intrigue at King's Landing is like the Tudor Court! King Robert I could seriously slap at times and I felt he should have had more respect for his oldest friend Eddard in the face of the Lannisters. Grrr. I hated the slimy Little finger from the second I saw him and that didn't change. Loved the character of Varys...not quite sure what to make of him yet but I found him and The Hound intriguing. Also loved the dancing master Syrio and his friendship with Arya Stark.

Over the water to the Dothraki. I loved the warlord Drogo even though his people are famous for really evil acts. That says a lot about the way he was portrayed by Jason Mamoa with barely a word in English, and the wonderful relationship with his Queen, Daenerys. She is such a great character in this series and I love dragons! I liked their faithful servant Jorah.

I love the visits to Castle Black and The Wall. I love James Cosmo as an actor and he was perfectly cast as the Lord Commander of the Night Watch. I enjoyed watching the recruits including Jon Snow and the very funny Samwell going through their training. The two of them remind me a bit of Frodo and Sam from LOTR with Samwell being a bit more towards Neville Longbottom when we first meet him! Those White Walkers are pretty damn scary and I wonder what else is lurking out there...

So those are a few of my thoughts and I'll be interested to see which characters change positions on my list depending on what is to come. Season one is certainly gory, which I loved, made me laugh and cry in equal measures, has great cinematography especially in the North, but above all, it is about a complete mix of characters that you feel different emotions for. If that keeps up, I expect to enjoy the coming seasons!


  1. I love this series. It is one of those that I would go back and re-watch for the details I might have missed. I plan to read the series when the tv version is done.

    1. I'm getting the books from Amazon this week and plan on reading them soon. I don't read much fantasy but having watched the series I must give them a go!

  2. Glad you are enjoying these and I love your list of those you want to die horribly. I adore Tyrion and I think as the series progresses, you will love him even more. I am also a huge fan of the dire wolves, and Jon and Dany are my faves. I can't wait until you've watched more!

    1. Tyrion confessing his sins was so funny I nearly choked on my bagel that night! And I WANT a pack of direwolves!!! On my November plans I've put down season 2 to get watched but I hope to fit in more than that!