Thursday, 27 October 2016

Book Review: RV Flight From Terror by Robert Boren (Bug Out #5)

The Motorhome Park in Utah is no longer safe. Our friends have to flee, but where can they go? Where is it safe for them? The Army has their hands full. They can't protect them. Our friends are on their own!
The RV Park has become an armed camp, but will it be enough? Will our friends have to get back into their Motorhomes and flee for their lives? Maybe they should stand and fight. If the enemies aren't defeated, what future do they have?

My Review:
Be advised that in each review I will be talking about things that happened in the previous book so be aware of possible spoilers if you plan to read the series.

The wedding of Charlie and Hilda is bittersweet after the recent tragic events. After the memorial service for Chester, the group leaders are getting ready for an uncertain future in a new state, still unsure if they are doing the right thing. Jerry and Frank are seriously worried about getting on the helicopter and fear for their safety if they do. The decision is taken from them when the General says he has been informed that a huge attack force is heading to the park and everyone needs to flee in their RVs NOW. In panic, everyone bugs out of the park in a convoy again, heading north with no real plan. But a flat tyre and gas issues derails Earl and Jackson at Boulder and the Sheriff and Terry have only just got out of the town as it falls to the enemy. Will they all make it to the next RV park alive? And what will become of the General and his men staying to defend the park?

I was surprised by just how exciting this journey turned out to be, as I had wanted them to stay at the park. The author of course was smarter than I am and kept the story fresh by putting the convoy on the road and having them strung out, worrying about each other and out of contact. I was worried sick about the Sheriff who is one of my favourite characters and I couldn't bear the thought of losing him so soon after poor Chester. I didn't want anything bad to happen to the army guys at the camp either as I liked them all. Frank takes a moment to check the security cameras back at the park from his computer and is shocked to see that the heads of the General, Major and Doctor are on spikes near the front gate and the LT and a few soldiers have escaped and plan to join up with them. IS have taken Hilda's park and their friends are dead in the worst way possible. Noooo! I liked the dead men but I was happy that the LT and Jenkins escaped as I really like their characters.

Robbie is able to update his dad on what has been happening in California. Restrictions are being placed on the people regarding distance you can travel and every vehicle is being tagged so that each citizen can be watched. Protesters are being arrested and it is illegal to quit your job. Frank is concerned to hear that the army have not been involved in any of these actions and understands that Robbie felt his only escape was to join up. Sarah reports that beheadings are occuring in Boise and that she and her new husband are thinking about whether to leave. Trying to work out where might be safe is becoming a real problem for all the survivors.

The group are at the RV park of Kurt and Mary when they receive news about their friends on the road behind, as well as the army men coming to join them. News of what happened at the park spreads and everyone keeps their RVs ready to move in case of unexpected trouble, while Kurt and Mary prepare their spare vehicles just in case they are required. The fear of the group is increasing as each moment passes, waiting for their friends to arrive. You just know that trouble is about to find our group as the tension ramps up again and they have to flee the unprotected park but when it happens, I was pretty shocked by the manner of it. Seriously WTF!!! I'm a bit speechless! How could that just have happened??? I was not expecting this major plot twist and it threw a spanner into the whole plot for me (in a good way though!). You really do not know what is going to come next in this book which is one of the many reasons why I'm enjoying the series so much.

Every time I wonder if the books can keep up their standard, new things are thrown at me to shock and surprise. I love a plot with twists I was not expecting and this book has them in spades. The group are now moving to the Colorado RV park owned by Gabe, up in the mountains and hoping it will be a safe haven. With eight books left in this action packed series, I seriously doubt they will ever be safe!

Read April 2016.
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