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Book Review: Motorhome Madness by Robert Boren (Bug Out #3)

A Motorhome Park in Utah has become their refuge.

Enemy fighters and scavengers are attacking, trying to take their supplies, weapons, vehicles, and lives. Our friends fight for their survival against the ruthless attackers!

The group fortifies the RV Park to make their stand. Will they prevail, or will the RV Park become their own Alamo?

Should they stay and fight, or Bug Out again in their Motorhomes?

My Review:
For me, this was one of my favourite books in the series. The tension of the last two books really explodes in book three.

The group thought they have found somewhere safe for the moment at Hilda's park in Utah. But internal suspicions over Arthur's death combine with the fear of what is going on in the outside world. The group start thinking about defending the property with whatever they can find including old hunting hides at the rear and armed men volunteering for guard duty. The Sheriff conducts his murder investigation while Jerry decides to repair the damaged radio. And then the shooting starts...

The book opens with the question of who murdered Arthur, and Frank and Jerry review the most likely suspects: Charlie, Jackson, Earl and Jeb. Did Charlie leave the bar during Happy Hour to kill Arthur? Is it possible that Simmons had something to do with it? Who wants the radio out of action enough to kill an innocent man? Whoever did it, it is clear that they have an enemy within the park, who is probably a militia plant, something the Sheriff agrees with. Jerry decides not to mention to the group that he can probably fix the radio in case he becomes the next target. The Sheriff alerts Hilda to the murder as owner of the park and now defence is going to be vital.

The sudden start of shooting from Jeb in the hunting hide is a wake up call to the real danger that they are in and Frank, Jerry and Sheriff run to his aid. The park is now under attack by militia and terrorists who are working together, a frightening development. The Sheriff has decided that they are going to need army help as he expects more than just a scouting party next time round, and as the army send people to investigate the mess the militia mole decides to make their move with a couple of attacks that throw the park into total chaos...

There is a lot of action and tension in the book with Charlie under suspicion as a murder suspect, and he is hurt to find himself being excluded from the meetings with the Sheriff. I had started to suspect one of the group by now, working it out from the things the others were saying about the night in question. While I was proved right, there was another piece of interesting information about militia plants that I hadn't been expecting, so that was a nice surprise. As well as the reveal of the murderer, we have a couple of action scenes where the park and the people are under attack from the enemy. Their hiding place has been revealed and they are now targets. These scenes shattered my nerves as I love the characters and was scared that one of my favourites would get hurt! And people do get hurt...

In the outside world, the Major reveals that the IS troops coming through Mexico were a diversion to the main force coming through Canada which is now in Civil War. The implications of being stuck between IS groups moving north and south towards them start to scare the group. IS men who arrived in the US as migrants were fasttracked into the military and are now revealing themselves by murdering the troops they have been working with, meaning the army cannot even trust it's own people. It is a worrying development for the group, especially when they suddenly see it impact right in front of their gate. When the phone lines go down, the group realise that an all out assault is coming...

I liked the addition of the Sheriff to the book. As the others observe, he is not the smartest man in the world but he seems hardworking and honest and I liked him from the start. I am very much enjoying the comic relief of husband hunting hard drinking Rosie, Jerry's mother-in-law. She is very funny and always makes me laugh the way she quizzes the men about their relationship status. I am also a fan of Jasmine and Jerry becoming MCs along with Frank and Jane. In fact it is the overall group dynamic that makes the book work so well, with all the different personalities and abilities helping the group develop.

The plot has developed to indicate that the militia that the convoy escaped are working with the IS forces, something the original militia leader would not have approved of. The group are now greatly concerned for their safety and all petty squabbles are put to rest as they plan what they are going to do next. Do they secure the park and hope that the army can assist in their defence? Or do they pack up and bug out, hoping to avoid danger on the road and find a new park to hide in? Or is it going to be too late for a chance at escape with the enemy moving in on them? Who is going to survive the coming battle?

I can't describe how nervous I was through this book. The murder plot mixes in perfectly with the continued action as danger finally catches up to the group. The characters are well developed through the tense investigation and the scary action scenes, making the reader care about what happens to everyone. The reveal of the mole was not a surprise to me but I got quite a shock at what happened in the last chapters of the book. A shocking death and a final reveal that had my jaw dropping!

Love this series! Wish it was in paperback!

Read April 2016
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