Monday, 17 October 2016

Book Review: Prepper's Crucible 6 by Bobby Andrews

The last in the best selling epic 600 page book, Volume 6 tells the story of the American-Mexican war that follows the EMP, and concludes when the United States is again once country with a functioning government and society returns to a normal state. It chronicles the last days of the last member of the original group that lived on the ranch. A stirring end to the series that should not be missed.

My Review: 
I was anxious to find out what happened next in the series and I had concerns over the plot twist with the invasion of the Mexican army at the end of book five. I wasn't sure how the author was going to have a whole war fought in one short book and my fears were certainly confirmed. This book takes place thirty years after the Mexican War with everyone already dead except Cory and Ben's son Eric and the rest of the story is told in brief flashbacks to certain incidents in the war. It was a massive disappointment to see this excellent series finish with a crammed, hurried and very abrupt finale.

Cory is the retired former governor and the war hero who led the American resistance to victory over the Mexicans, who is now dying and has agreed to tell his story to a popular journalist. One of his personal guards is Eric, Ben's son, who is looking out for him in his final days. A lot of the story focuses on Cory showing the journalist places of importance and the graves of his friends, and talking generally about what happened. We only get a few flashbacks to certain incidents and battles which lack the detail that we got when Don took on the criminal gangs in an earlier book. This book focuses more on the military tactics of Cory than following the actions of the characters we care about.

I was pretty mad at how the characters were treated. It was pretty much done by tell and we never got to see and experience the deaths. Three are killed at a checkpoint trying to get into town but we don't get to feel it or the pain of the other characters when they find out-we just see a revenge attack instead, which was a wasted opportunity for us to shed a few tears. There was no emotion in it at all for me. We're told that two characters die bravely in one of the battles but we don't get a flashback to that battle until the end, and we already know their fate so there is no tension or dread or tears. And that's it. Why weren't we with them in their final moments? Why didn't us readers get a chance to grieve over their shock death which was so effective when Don died in book four? We only see Cory's military tactics and decisions and we don't get to experience the war and the bad things that happen. It was quite poor.

There was also too much focus throughout on whether or not there was going to be a relationship between Kate and Cory which detracted from the story for me. There was too much about that and other things of little interest instead of continuing with the story of what happened to the people we had become so invested in. We were halfway through the book before we started getting flashbacks to anything of interest and even when we did, they lacked detail and the human interest stories.

I feel a bit cheated to be honest. The first five books were so good-emotional, tense, exciting. Then we get this offering which looked as if the author had lost all interest in the story and just threw something together to tie up the loose ends. It was a poor ending and I wasn't greatly impressed overall.

2.5 stars only.  

Read February 2016.

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