Friday, 14 October 2016

Chuckles Childhood Book Loves

My childhood reading started with my dad and his nightly bedtime stories. First it was nursery rhymes and similar but by the time I was seven, he had moved on to reading me this:

I loved the trolls and goblins as I had a wild imagination as a child! I loved the anticipation and danger, wondering what was coming next. Without a doubt, my favourite chapter in the book was Riddles in the Dark, where Gollum appears for the first time. My dad would do all the different voices and be hissing 'my precious' which I loved! 

He then introduced me right after finishing The Hobbit, to Lord of the Rings which I enjoyed even more. The above pictures are the actual book covers my dad had and I feel a wave of nostalgia just looking at them! He also bought me a map book where I could follow the characters on their adventures!

If I remember right, we had pretty much completed the second book when I got too old for bedtime stories and I read the third book myself when I was older. The ironic thing is, as much as I enjoyed these books and loved all the creatures, I never read anything else by Tolkien and never really developed an interest in reading traditional fantasy novels with elves and dragons and things! 

My dad loved reading and passed on that love to me, something that got lost a bit when I went out to college and work and got too tired and busy to read at night. I'll always be grateful that he has passed that love of reading to me and now I'm introducing him to the urban fantasy, horror and apocalypse books that I love! He's a big fan of The Morganville Vampires and Jeaniene Frost's Cat and Bones, and shares my zombie mania!


  1. What wonderful memories you have to share and it's awesome your dad read to you and introduced you to such great books. My dad didn't read to me, although both parents encouraged my reading. He did build me a book shelf I still own and he is the reason I love horror so much today as we were always watching scary things together - well, that and The Simpsons.

    1. My dad let me start watching horror films when I was 12 as he figured I was mature enough to handle it and I've loved them ever since! The first one I saw was The Thing, one of my favourite ever films, and The Burning which was my first slasher film! Oh how I loved Sunday afternoons!