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Book Review: Motorhome Mayhem in the Rockies by Robert Boren (Bug Out #6)

They take refuge at Motorhome Park in Colorado, but the enemy finds them. It's one battle after another. The group becomes a battle hardened force to be reckoned with. 

A new General comes on the scene, and tells them a secret about the enemy. Frank becomes the most important person in the war, because only he can exploit the new knowledge. The Colorado RV Park is fortified, and has better defences than any other place they've been, but will it be enough? Will they have to get into their Motorhomes and flee to safety, while Frank works to exploit the enemy secret?

New characters join the team, and provide better capability. The group is committed to preserving liberty in the USA. Will they prevail?

My Review: 
Gabe welcomes them to his park which is isolated and protected by geography. It is a place that can be adapted for defence more easily than any other place they have stayed at. Have they finally found their ideal home base? The unexpected arrival of a helo with a new Major and his team proves that they can still be easily found...but have they been found by a new ally or new enemy and who else knows their location? The group have learned harsh lessons about trust and are very twitchy about the latest developments. Can these army people be trusted?

I don't know about the group but since the death of the General Walker at Hilda's park, I haven't trusted anybody other than those in an RV! I shall continue in that mode through the series I suspect! I liked the addition of Gabe and I liked the way the team started acting more like a prepared military unit, taking their defence seriously. I like this RV park as a base for them but Frank has concerns about there only being one exit if they face trouble. That could be an issue in future books for sure with the luck that this group seems to have.

There are quite a few more action scenes in this book as the new RV base is constantly put to the test by militia and IS attackers. It is a thriller pretty much from start to finish as they battle to take down their enemies and protect the park. However it's not just the same plot this time. The author has introduced new information supplied by the new General to Frank's group that will not only assist them in avoiding future attacks but will help the group go on the offensive against them. If you don't want to know what it is, skip the next paragraph because I must talk about this!

Last chance to look away! OK the IS and militia fighters are all implanted with a tracking device and each device is individually coded with name, rank and importance. If the code can be cracked, Frank would be able to use his tech knowledge to track the movements of every fighter, work out where the leaders are and see attacks before they happen. And if this information was made public, armed citizens could see traitors and take action against them, giving the good guys the chance to win this war. I loved this idea as a plot twist! It also explains how their locations are so easily found as every fighter they killed was trackable. Liking this!

Back in the outside world, there is a fight between the puppet government and the good guys but with betrayals around every corner, the army men cannot trust their own people or know who is loyal. This was why General Walker was arming and assisting many groups like Frank's to take up the fight as they could be trusted. Frank is still watching who is coming to Hilda's park and can identify some of the main players that they need to watch out for. Finding out that his group are on the most wanted list for the terrorists gives them a real shock and again they wonder if they should try to run again.

There is a lot going on in this book that I would love to talk about but it's very hard to do so without giving away all the good bits. There are attacks on the RV park. There is an assault on the enemy by a group from the park. There is a hostage crisis to deal with. There is the new twist to give Frank and Jerry something to work on. There is an excellent romance between Rosie and Jeb which I had been for as they make such a great couple. There is the continued struggle to survive and be on alert for trouble.

I can't wait to see what is coming next...
Read April 2016.
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