Thursday, 27 October 2016

Book Review: Mortars and Motorhomes by Robert Boren (Bug Out #4)

The Motorhome Park in Utah is under increasing attack, as the enemies attempt to destroy our motley band of RVers. Is it time to get out of Dodge?
The enemy has targeted our group, at first for their supplies and vehicles, but now it's worse. Now they are after them for revenge! The fortifications they've built at the RV Park have been good enough to hold off small attacks, but will the attacks continue to be small? Motorhomes aren't a hard target. 

Will the group survive? Can they make a home in Utah, or will they have to Bug Out again?

My Review:

Arrgghh! The ending of book three had some real shockers that I wasn't expecting but the arrival of the CIA man was right up there! I think I was just as shocked as Frank to see Simmons stroll into the park! Now you KNOW there is no way that this guy can be trusted, right? Right? Simmons tells the group that he was a double agent causing trouble inside the militia and that he thought Frank's group were militia trying to escape, leading to the confusion and gun fight, but Frank is very nervous about Simmons being there and nobody else seems to trust him. Jackson and Earl fear for their own safety when Simmons makes it clear that he wants to arrest them and repay Frank for shooting him. It is a relief when the military arrest him as a spy and send a chopper to remove him...a chopper which then suddenly goes missing. Did it crash or were Simmons friends in the chopper to aid his escape?

Frank has other things to worry about as well as Simmons coming after him as his son Robbie enlists to join the fight so he can escape the worsening situation in California and daughter Sarah is too close to the IS northern front. Seattle is swarming with IS, nuclear devices are going off in Canada and Chicago, attacks occur in India and Singapore and bombs now hit Washington DC at the Capitol Building where a meeting was being held. The park is about to come under attack again and now the group and the army men must defend the park against the enemy and hope for victory, still wondering who amongst the troops can be trusted. And when Simmons pops up again it is the Sheriff's town that is about to take the full brunt of his fury...

Can I say what a total b*****d Simmons is? I hate that guy so much and this was where the true impact of this war hits home to our group. The Sheriff and his deputy are being held hostage by the psycho cop and he demands that certain members of the group meet him for discussions. It's one thing to know that it is a trap but another to find a way out of it without abandoning their law enforcement friends. The tragic events in town during the showdown are to have a longlasting effect on the group. General Walker has become certain that the park is not safe and wants to relocate the group leadership to a safer place, a decision which splits the park. Can they really leave everything they own and risk being transported by chopper to a safe state? Can they actually trust the army?

I shed tears reading this book. So many of my favourites were in mortal danger and at one point I feared that several of them were going to die. The author writes these emotional scenes so well and I was caught up in the story as it flowed along. I did like that a couple of my favourites got to be heroic and that the men finally realise that the women are more than capable of holding their own in battle. Usually in a book with a large cast, you have a couple of favourites but in this book, everyone has been well developed and you don't want anything bad happening to any of them! That says a lot for the writing ability of the author and that more than compensates for the poor editing that remains an issue in the copies I had. I love the story so I overlook it.

I'm at a personal crossroads here as I love the scenes at the park and all the attacks and don't really want to see them leave for an army base, but the way this story twists, who knows what is coming next? The second I put this book down I was already grabbing the next one.

Please release these in paperback omnibus!
Read April 2016.
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