Thursday, 27 October 2016

Book Review: Civilization in Peril by Robert Boren (Bug Out #2)

The Civilized World is under attack.
The world outside continues to go sideways in Bug Out! Part 2. We are in a nuclear war. B
ombs are floated into American, European, and Russian ports. Militia leaders attempt to become warlords. Islamic Fighters flood into the USA and take over territory. Mexico collapses. Martial Law is declared in California - will it spread to other states?

The group stops at a place that appears to be safe, but they find themselves fighting off local scavengers and enemy scouting parties. They look for a safe haven, but it's always just a little further away. 

My Review:

I loved the first book in this series of 13 books and I went straight on to read book two, especially with the cliffhanger ending to the last one!

The cops have arrived at the trailer park to talk to Frank about the armed fight with the militia men and the crooked cop, confirming who survived and that Jane was right. The militia group were rounding up civilians and herding them to a place where they were to be robbed of their RVs, weapons, food and possibly murdered. Frank's relief that they attacked bad people is overshadowed by the news that Simmons is alive and may well come after Frank as he is known to be unhinged. News comes that the IS forces are coming their way and everyone prepares to leave, including the park owner Charlie. It is as they flee that reports hit the news of nuclear devices going off along the US coast putting Robbie and Sarah at risk along with attacks on Russia, and Mexican troops trying to fight more IS forces.

The action is really hotting up as the whole convoy has to flee from where they thought they were safe, heading to the RV park owned by Hilda, friend of Jeb, Charlie and Chester. The fear of being caught by IS terrorists causes tension and panic, and there is still the threat from Simmons and the remains of the militia they escaped from who are searching the surrounding area for Frank. IS attacks are hitting Europe with a blast killing a million people in Paris, and China is on the brink of invading North Korea as they are blamed for passing nuclear devices to the terrorists. Pakistan is being attacked by several countries, Turkey is kicked out of NATO and moderate countries in Africa and the Middle East seek alliances for their security. The global picture is shaky which adds a whole new set of fears for the RV convoy as they wonder what disaster is going to happen next. It certainly keeps things exciting! Muslims are coming under attack by angry citizens when they start protesting in the street and unrest is everywhere.

For me, the great thing about this book is the characters. Frank and Jane are just a normal couple who want to live a quiet life and are suddenly caught up in war, anarchy and violence. Having MCs who are in their 60's and 70's was so great as it brings a whole new dimension to an apocalypse plot. These are people who are perhaps former military or law enforcement but have issues with hips, backs and other ailments, adding realism to the story. They need to use their brain and experience in tricky situations and are not super human. I liked that diversity and it shows you can have older characters taking on hero roles in exciting plots. I'm already a fan of Jeb, Chester and Jerry!

The other interesting plot line is the suddent death of a character which took me greatly by surprise. As it becomes clear that this could be a murder, everyone starts to get suspicious of the others in the group. I was trying to evaluate the actions of each character, deciding who I thought might have been involved and who I really wanted to trust. It also appears that some group members may have other agendas to pursue that could compromise their collective safety. Seriously, there is never a dull minute in this series! Having fractures in the group starting to appear was an interesting side plot which I hope to see developed in the next book.

The excitement and tension from book one has just been ramped up again in this latest installment. I'm hooked!
Read April 2016.
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