Thursday, 13 October 2016

Book Review: Prepper's Crucible 5 by Bobby Andrews

In the fifth book of this thrilling best selling series, Cory and Ben continue their mission to find Ben's sons and Cory's sister. In order to do so, they must pass through a city that has become a no man's land of violence and destruction. They are determined to keep their own humanity, even as they witness the human race descending into unthinkable levels of depravity. Our characters face new challenges and dangers as they struggle to save their loved ones from the chaos that ensues in the city of Phoenix following a devastating EMP.

My Review:
This book follows the story of what happened to Cory and Ben on the dangerous journey to find their family members. It's only at the very end that we return to events at the ranch and get a resolution on what happened at the end of book four.

Cory and Ben are moving into the city, trying to avoid the gang warfare and armed psychos that are roaming the streets but Cory is not prepared to stand silently by when they witness the beginning of a gang rape, even if it puts their own mission in jeopardy. Cory's ruthless streak is concerning Ben who wants to stay alive and locate his sons but you can fully understand why Cory feels that all the scum deserve to be executed. I can't disagree with him.

Rachel is alive and with her doctor boyfriend Tim in a safer part of town. Cory wants both of them to come to the ranch for safety but they are not going to be easily persuaded, especially when Tim and Cory lock horns from the start. Ben is anxious to get moving to try and join up with his sons who are already ahead of them and moving towards the ranch so any delays here could be crucial. When the situation has been resolved, Ben can finally try to get his sons.

It is as Cory and Ben near home that they start to realise that things are worse than expected. They have run ins with a strange cult and are shocked to see military vehicles from the Mexican Army coming from the south towards their town. Not sure what it means, they move quickly towards the ranch where they are about to get a big shock.

It's hard to review this book without giving everything away so I have tried to be vague where possible. I enjoyed the change of scene in this book, seeing what happens in a city where law and order has completely broken down, unlike the community trying to work together in the town near the ranch. I also liked the chance to see Ben as a leading character in the plot as I very much like him. Cory is turning into a ruthless bad ass which is not a bad thing considering the way the plot is turning. I was very anxious to see what was happening back at the ranch after the book four cliffhanger but we didn't get much detail before the book finished. Gah!

Only one book left in the series so I'm a bit unsure how the latest twists are going to play out, given a short book to fit it into.

Read February 2016.
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