Friday, 28 October 2016

Book Review: Mile High Motorhomes by Robert Boren (Bug Out #7)

The enemy is relentless, attacking them over and over, as they are moving a large force through Colorado to attack Denver. Frank makes progress on a secret way to exploit an enemy weakness. Everything hinges on this.  

New characters arrive on the scene, and become trusted members of the group.

The Colorado RV Park fortifications, while strong, cannot stand up against a large enemy force. It's only a matter of time before this attack comes. Will the Motorhomes have to flee to the east, before Frank can finish his work? The Nation is in peril. The Army is in over it's head. The Government can't be trusted. Can American Citizens save the day?

My Review:
Gabe contacts his cousin Dobie who comes to stay at the park with his four trained security dogs, hoping that this will help to protect them as Frank works out how to crack the code. Dobie is concerned that bad things are happening in town with women being abducted and Denver itself is coming under attack, scaring the group. They decide to relocate Jake and Trish from town to the RV park just as the town is attacked. How much longer can they stay in Colorado? Should they risk moving to a safer place in the sealed off Kansas or could the journey be the death of them?

I swear I didn't think that the tension could be ramped up any further but yes, it is happening! Frank knows how to crack the code but needs electronic equipment to do it, so Jake's shop is the place to go to in town. Jake tells Gabe and Dobie that he is worried about the safety of daughter Trish with all the abductions and they agree to move to the park with all of Jake's electronic treasures. Their timing is good as the local men start to battle with the bad guys. Frank needs to risk field testing his work which means an RV leaving the safety of the RV park with several members of the group as backup. However, IS have found the location of the park and are determined to destroy it this time.

In the outside world, Eagle breaks out in violence while Denver is under a full assault by the enemy. With trouble brewing around them and the enemy knowing where they are, Mary and Hilda are so concerned about the safety of the park that they start to ready the vehicles for a quick exit and a meeting confirms that it is time to leave, now that Frank has cracked the code and has a location on all the enemy chips, including some inside the Pentagon. But an invasion force is closing in on them and there are enemies all along their route to Kansas. Will they be able to escape in time?

This book has several new characters who I liked. Gabe's cousin Dobie and his four wonderful guard dogs provide added security to the group and a warning about trouble coming that they can't see. I enjoyed the interaction between the dogs and people in the group. Jake is a great fun character and can do anything electrical which makes him an asset to the group in several ways. His daughter Trish and Terry are interested in each other, which is a source of amusement to the older men in the group who enjoy teasing the youngsters! Jasmine and Jerry have decided that life must go on in spite of the war, and start trying for a baby, a decision I find a bit bloody bizarre considering their situation. Jeb is also ready to declare his love for Rosie.

Eek! There are quite a few battles to be fought in this book and a lot of danger and injury to our group as their situation starts to grow desperate. Deflecting small attacks had become commonplace but security became tighter after the hostage situation with IS in the previous book. The attacks are increasing in intensity and it is just a matter of time before the park is overrun or destroyed so trying to escape Colorado is now top of the list. Sources indicate that Kansas is under guard to keep the militia and IS out, but the army may be able to get Frank's group in-if they can evade their enemies and get there. There is tension leaking out of every page in this book and I am still loving the series. I'm so excited to see what Frank is going to do with his new information...
Read April 2016.
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