Thursday, 20 October 2016

Book Review: White Out by Eric Dimbleby

An apocalyptic snowstorm sweeps the globe. Experts predict this freak storm will be "The New Ice Age." Electricity is gone, as are all forms of communication and road travel. As each member of a divided family tries to survive in their own way, they must deal with a snow-driven madness that has gripped the underlying evil in the hearts of men. In an epic struggle to get home and reunite, they will find that terror lies around every snow drift... and even in their very own backyard.

My Review: 
I liked the idea of the story, featuring several linked people trapped at home and work in a massive blizzard, trying to survive and escape. However the interesting concept was ruined yet again by a cast of dreadful characters that you couldn't care less about.

First there is the whiny, irritating Annie who got stuck at work when her car broke down. She moans about being stuck there with the guy she hates the most in the world-Tony-who is interested in her and won't back off. Then we discover that Annie has cheated on her husband with Tony so is it any wonder that Tony fancies his chances with her? Stupid cow. Why would you have sex with a guy you hate, a guy your husband hates for making it clear he likes you??? She despises her husband Christian for being suspicious about her and Tony (I wonder why!!!) and moans that he is a saint, a good husband and good provider! I wanted to slap this ungrateful bitch.

Then there is the sleazebag that is Tony. He is what he is and you can hardly blame him for thinking Annie likes him given the circumstances but he is the kind of guy that you would avoid like the plague if you had any common sense! Frankly Annie and Tony deserve each other and I hope they both freeze to death-but I didn't stay with the book long enough to find out.

Read April 2016
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  1. Oh no! I saw the title and cover and the premise and thought I might have to check this one out. Then I read your review. As characters are what really grab me in a story, sounds like this is one I'll be skipping. Too bad. Great review though!

    1. I was pretty disappointed as it sounded so good in theory! I hate it when authors use dreadful characters and ruin the plots with it.