Sunday, 30 October 2016

Chuckles October Review

So, it is the end of October and time to review my progress. On the plus side, having goals kickstarted me out of a reading slump and motivated me to get something done and I'm pleased to have achieved some of it! Here are my October goals and how well and I did with them:

Viktor Zarkov-Jurassic Island (read-4 star)
CM Wright-Dying to Live (read-2 star)
Catt Dahman-Extinction Island (read-3 star)
JE Gurley-Intulo (read-2 star)
Steven Bird-Last Layover (read-3 star)
Nicholas S Smith-Extinction Horizon (read-5 star)

Remy Chandler series by Thomas E Sniegoski 
#2 Dancing on the head of a pin (read-3 star) 
#3 Where Angels Fear to Tread (read-2.5 star)
#4 A Hundred Words for Hate (read-3 star)  
*three are better than none but I didn't manage to do the seven*

Everest (watched-excellent!)
The Program (watched-excellent!)
The Imitation Game (watched-excellent!)
The Special Relationship (watched-excellent!)

The Great British Bake Off series 1 (finished)
The Great British Bake Off series 2 (finished)
Game of Thrones series 1 (finished)

The Great British Bake Off series 3 (finished)
The Great British Bake Off series 4 (finished) 
The Great British Bake Off series 5 (finished)

How did you get on with your October goals?


  1. My October goal was to get better organised, I have bought a planner (Happy Planner, its cute) and am splitting it in to Kids, Family and Blog and that way I don't forget anything.

    Goals are important, I'm toying with the idea of doing a goals post at the end of the month near my birthday with my goals for the next two years till I reach 40.

    1. I'm started to see why people have the monthly goals and things...I found it helped me a lot. Today I'm getting on with my November plan and what I hope to achieve ready for tomorrow. I'd certainly be interested in your goals post if you do it!

  2. Great job! That's one reason reading challenges help me so much with my reading - it's like goals but not as strict! Glad you've found something that works for you.

    1. I hope it continues to work! I'm planning a lot more for this month to get me back to top speed but it does look like a lot at the moment!