Thursday, 13 October 2016

Chuckles Blog Revamp

My enforced time off has forced me to rethink what I want for my blog. I've never been the kind of blogger who needs thousands of followers or be mega popular...I like having some followers that are regular visitors and leave the odd comment. That is enough for me as I doubt I'd cope with 100 comments a day! But just a few more would be nice! I'd like to get a few more followers who are interested in zombies, horror, urban fantasy and dinosaurs and follow them back so if you know of anyone with these interests, let me know!

I think I'm ok on the review side of thing, though I still have a lot of older reviews to upload. As an improvement to my reviews I plan to indicate whether this is an older review or review for something I just read, as I'm confusing my followers by doing both at the same time! That's the plan anyway. I hope to do a regular feature where I show off pretty book covers, and favourite books I've read in the past. I will be doing more 'favourites' lists as well, concerning favourite books, films, TV and other topics, and looking at books from my childhood.

I intend to get more time to watch TV and films this winter so I hope to have a regular review of what I've been watching. I had intended to do that this year but I've only watched a few films so that plan flopped a bit!  When I get time, I'll also be uploading more photos of places I've visited in a semi regular travel feature, instead of just when I go on holiday. I will also do the odd post about interesting things I've bought and am excited about. I'm not into make-up, jewellery, fashion, shoes or handbags so you won't be getting posts on those subjects.

I think it is time that I started doing more discussion posts-about book topics and other things that I can rant or rave about. Hopefully adding this will give a little more interest and variety to the blog. I'm keen to get your imput on these subjects to find out a bit more about my followers but I also hope to share a bit more about myself with you.

These things will appear gradually as I get more organised. I've also went through my followers on bloglovin and refollowed quite a few people who for some reason were showing as being unfollowed. I get that sometimes and it bugs me. I'm choosing not to follow back the handful who are not currently active or whose blog feed has nothing of interest to me ie one blog in the last month had nothing but beauty and fashion posts with no books or films or discussion posts, one was just celebrity gossip and a couple were just romance reviews. I am following back the vast majority of you though!

So that is what will be coming at The Book Cave over this autumn and winter. What would you like to see discussions about? What do you enjoy seeing on the blogs you visit? What annoys you on blogs you visit? What kind of posts do you like commenting on? Any imput will help with future changes to this blog.


  1. Sounds like an awesome plan. I always look forward to reading your posts and enjoy your content and what you plan to add will only make visiting that much more enjoyable. I look forward to seeing some more discussions because hey, who doesn't like to rant and rave from time to time?

    1. Lets hope I follow through with it in good time! Thanks for all your comments and support of my is for people like yourself that I want to improve the blog and make it more enjoyable! And for your furry boys of course! I might need to borrow Cass for a few weeks...I'm having a total cat invasion in my garden. He'd love it!

    2. Oh man, Cass would love to take the job. The cat hasn't been back since it spent the afternoon up the tree so he's got a track record of being pretty effective!

    3. I wish I could see him scaring cats! Our neighbour's dog managed to grab one a few years ago and it's tail fur got stuck in his teeth!