Thursday, 1 June 2017

Book Review: Frontier by Eric S Brown

The west was a land of opportunity. It offered the chance of a new beginning and Ray sorely needed one. His dark past would soon be left far behind, but. . . the west also held dangers that no one could have foreseen.

The wagon train rolled on, wary of an attack by warring Indians, straight into the den of the beasts. At night, the Sasquatch came seeking blood and the journey west quickly became a struggle for survival.

My Review:
A group of American settlers are travelling in their wagons to what they hope will be a new life but there is a disagreement over whether or not to take the mountain pass which is known to have hostile native tribes living there. The leader of the group decides to push on as it is the quicker route in spite of the danger but what he doesn't know is that there is something much more dangerous living in the area and these Sasquatches don't like humans coming into their territory.

I don't often read these western/frontier setting books but when it has rampaging Sasquatches I'm happy to give it a try! We follow the group on their journey as they come into enemy territory. The scouts that have been sent out have not returned to them and everyone is sure that the native tribe has killed them. When a woman from the tribe comes to warn them about what lives in the area, reactions to her story are somewhat mixed. She has decided that her best chance to leave her tribe behind is to join the group but trouble is about to hit them in a very hairy manner...

This was another enjoyable Sasquatch romp as the hairy beasts take exception to humans coming into their territory. It has the same blood and gore setting as previous books but I liked seeing how people without access to automatic weapons would fare in this situation. Another fun read! 

Read April 2017. 
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  1. Six shooters and squatches! I like it. Yes I would want automatic weapons if I was going up against the Bigfoots. Love the cover!

    1. Another cover I really love and it was enjoyable having a different setting for the book and a problem with weapons to kill the beasts!