Friday, 9 June 2017

Beginning by Jason Kristopher (Dying of the Light #3)

It’s been 25 years since the ‘zombie’ prion wiped out 99.998% of the human race, leaving less than a hundred thousand souls cowering in huge concrete-and-steel bunkers beneath the surface of the United States. The walkers won, for a time, scouring the Earth clean of more than seven billion humans.

Now, it’s time for that last 0.002% to take it back, and to reclaim their heritage. Nothing is ever easy for the survivors, though. They find that their biggest enemy is not the few remaining walkers, but instead, as always, each other. The terror that has haunted them all for nearly 30 years now has a face, and is threatening to unleash the worst nightmare yet on the few who remain.

My Review:
Bunker Ten sends a team to investigate why Bunker 9 is not responding but they find the place full of zombies and struggle to secure the site for the moment until a new plan is thought of. Bunker Four is suffering from an ongoing power struggle between two leaders who both have their own ideas on how to rule. Jim and Mary are finally making progress on a cure and planning how to get supplies to the various bunkers when it is ready. The first submarine is sent to London to establish contact with Europe.

The religious fanatics have heard of the cure and are also determined to stop it from being distributed. They start attacking the transports that are shipping the cure to the various bunkers, leading to a siege situation as one military group are ambushed. It is no safer travelling by plane, with fanatical volunteers stowing away and injecting themselves with zombie blood so that they turn mid flight and attack those on the plane. These tactics are putting the survival of everyone in jeopardy and the military must find a way to stop them.

The likes. I was interested in all the activity in the various bunkers as each had their own troubles to deal with. I liked the power struggle in bunker four, the tension of the assault on bunker nine and the plans to stop Dagger from using his bunker to destroy the others. Dagger v Davies was fun as both were totally mad! It was kept pretty interesting with that and I loved the new tactics from the fanatics to try to stop the cure. It led to quite a few interesting fight scenes which were well written. I liked the developing plans to deal with Dagger and find out why Bunker Five refuses to answer. Something seemed to be happening all the time between the bunkers.

The niggles. All the way through book two Marcie's name was spelt with ie on the end. Now in book three we are seeing a lot of Marcy with a y which is pretty annoying. The continued time jumping format was still somewhat annoying with the book starting 23 years after the zombies took over the world. I explained why I didn't like this concept when I reviewed the last book so I won't go into it all again. I just feel that time jumping disrupts the flow of the story especially in the relationships with the characters.

However the biggest issue I had in this book was the introduction of the whining moron that was Eden. She is the daughter of David and Kim and is completely immune to the zombie virus which makes her want to be a hunter. She continually moans about being treated different because she is immune and because of who her parents are, and that this isn't fair. It doesn't stop her using the 'don't you know who I am?' thing to try and evade quarantine when she returns from a hunt bitten. She is happy to use her fame when it suits her then whines that it's causing people to hate her. No Eden, people hate you because you are whiny, spoiled and don't think the rules should apply to you. She disobeys orders she doesn't like as she feels she is better than anyone else and this attitude leads to the death of a squad member. Does she take her detention punishment? No she escapes and runs away to sulk in the woods. I could not stand her character. I wish somebody has staked her out and let the zombies eat her.

I'm not going to go into too much detail about the plot as it would ruin things for those who want to read it. There was plenty to like about this book with a lot of good action and danger for some of our favourite characters. Overall it was a good zombie series with a few flaws IMHO. 
Read March 2017.
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  1. Ooh she looks like a badass. Love the premise of this, although the time jumps might throw me too. I wonder why the religious fanatics don't WANT a cure, to the point where they make themselves turn? Yees that's scary.

    "whining moron" lol. She does sound like a pain...

    1. She is kind of badass but just won't play as a team member. She does improve through the book...a bit...and it didn't stop me reading it.

  2. Too bad Eden is immune because it sounds like she needs to go. I can't believe the change in the name spelling. Wonder how that happened - was it intention, overlooked or careless. At least overall you found it to be a decent series read.

    1. It does seem like a really stupid mistake! I was gritting my teeth every time I saw 'Marcy'! Overall it was a good zombie series despite the flaws.