Friday, 2 June 2017

Book Review: After the Fall by Eric S Brown

Bigfoot War: After the Fall picks up where the original Bigfoot War and Bigfoot War: Redneck Apocalypse left off. A mixed group of soldiers and civilians have taken shelter inside a paper mill, making it their home. There they hope to survive the Sasquatch Apocalypse.

My Review: 
An army unit in North Carolina is trying to survive in the aftermath of the Sasquatch and undead plagues, protecting civilians in a paper mill which they have taken as their base. Constant fear of attack and the dangerous journeys for supplies have everyone on edge and dwindling rations are leaving everyone weak.

Colonel Howard has been dealing with another Sasquatch attack and a friendly fire incident, and now his supply convoy has went missing. His senior officer thinks it is time to abandon the facility while the option is available to them and some of the civilians are thinking the same thing. Now another convoy is going out to get supplies and find out what happened to the other men. And all the time the Sasquatch are planning their next attack.

This was a decent enough story but it was focusing more on the people trapped in the paper mill than the all out gorefests of previous books. I was a little less interested in who hated who in the military ranks and would have preferred to stay with the action outside the mill. It was still a decent read in the series and the ending was enjoyable. 
Read April 2017
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  1. Yeah, I missed the gore, bodies being torn apart too. LOL I read some of these out of order and now need to fill in the gaps. Love this series!

    1. We're both sick and twisted Laura! *grins* I think there are two that I haven't got so I hope they become available at some point!

  2. Sounds like they're screwed at that place, maybe they can find a more defensible position. Look at me analyzing and I haven't even read it lol. But crazy sasquatches are bad enough without undead too!!!

    1. The Sasquatches are certainly scarier than the zombies!