Friday, 30 June 2017

Reading With Chuckles June Review

This was my June reading plan! This month I decided to pick fewer set books to get through and leave more room for a bit of mood reading. I think that might be a bit more successful, and I'll be choosing books from various genres to widen my choice. It also means if I get into a book, I can keep reading on in the series without messing up my reading plans. Now to the good part: the reading list!

1) Rachel Caine-Fade Out #7 (read)
2) Nicholas Sansbury Smith-Extinction Aftermath #6 (read)
3) Nicholas Sansbury Smith-Extinction Lost #6.5 (read)
4) Jack Kilborn-Trapped #2 (read)
5) Michael Stephen Fuchs-Carnage #12
6) George RR Martin-A Clash of Kings #2 (read)
7) Joe Pike-Project Fear (read)
8) JA Cipriano-Kill it with Magic #1 (read prequel next month)
9) Mike Kraus-Prip'Yat (read)
10) Nicholas Sansbury Smith-Orbs #1 (read)
11) Sonya Bateman-Wrong Side of Hell #1 (read)
12) Dan Hodges-One Minute to Ten (DNF)
13) Hunter Shea-They Rise
14) Hunter Shea-The Jersey Devil

Jun 23rd-got 9 read and one DNF which isn't bad but I'm leaving JA Cipriano out till next month to read the prequel first. Having read Fade Out, I'm moving on with other Morganville Vampires books before trying to sneak in the last of these at the end of the month!  

June 30th-I read on with the Morganville Vampires and the good news is that I read books 7-12 plus more short stories in the series which gets me within sight of completing it this summer. I'll jump back to that in August I think. I'm going to squeeze in 'They Rise' tonight to finish up the month as it is a shorter one! The two I didn't get to will feature later this year.

Overall it was a good reading month and way better than last summer where it all went badly wrong! My Goodreads target is 250 books but I would love to hit 300! I think this is possible because a lot of my monster horror books are under 200 pages and a lot of the UF Indie books are shorter too, but we'll see how it goes!

Coming Up:
July-New to Me authors and series! 
Aug-Series Catchups!

How did you guys do on your June Challenges?


  1. I need to look at the month and see how I did. Hopefully I can do that over the weekend. Sounds like you did a great job. I know you were really kicking out the Morganvlle Vampire books there at the end. New to you authors sounds like a fun focus!

    1. It turned out pretty good catching up with my vampires. I'll get that finished in August which is going to be a series catchup month. I'm looking forward to trying all these new authors and finding a few good ones!

  2. I feel like I'm still doing well on my Goodreads Challenge and my New Release challenge but I've fallen a little behind on my Backlist challenge. I'm going to try to do better with that one in the next couple months. I've actually been considering making a whole month of reviews about books I already own. I've cut back with requesting ARCs. My bookshelves and Kindle are out of control! lol

    1. I couldn't cope with all those ARCs! I'm just about managing dealing with stuff I bought and downloaded! I cleared out my ereader today and got my next reads ready. It should be a good month! Good luck with your backlist challenge!

  3. I'm so jealous (but happy for you) that you can read entire vampire series!! I can't wait to be able to read about vampires again!

    1. I hope your vampire aversion is over soon as this is a really great series!

  4. Sounds like a pretty good plan! I definitely had a better reading month in June than I did in May, just in terms of volume read. Yay for vampires! I just read my first zombie book in a while, it was a YA - This Is Not A Test. And the sequel novella was Please Remain Calm. Nice to get some zomb action. :)

    1. Funny, the only zombie ones I avoid are YA...too much angst and tropes!