Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Book Review: No Place To Hide by JT Sawyer (First Wave #3)

This is the third book in the First Wave Series of post-apocalyptic thrillers by author JT Sawyer. As Travis Combs and his band of fighters head for the secret lab in Durango, they face the convergence of powerful forces bent on securing the vaccine. With a traitor in their midst, and with the emerging threat of faster moving zombies, he must lead his weary group through the mountains and take the battle to his enemy.

My Review: 
Travis and his group have no option but to walk to Durango and Rob is getting on everyone's nerves. It rises a crisis point after a sudden zombie attack leaves one person bitten and Rob thinks it is the right thing to do to kill the person before they can turn. When a dead body shows up the next day Travis is uncertain who on his team can be trusted but he must get to the vaccine before anything else happens. Who is going to get to the vaccine first? Who can Travis trust and will the rest of the group survive the trip?

Logan's team find the abandoned helicopter and he sends Talia on to their destination to wait there for Travis to arrive. The only problem is, someone else is already there waiting and a sniper is determined to kill everyone in her team. It is obvious that they want to take her alive but Talia is determined to spoil their plans. Who is behind the attack on Talia?

It's difficult to find something to say without giving out spoilers! We get answers to the questions we are wondering about and the story does come to a satisfying conclusion. I wonder if the author had any thoughts of doing a Second Wave set of books? I would certainly read them if that happened. Overall a really enjoyable zombie conspiracy story.  

Read March 2017.
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  1. Got me curious about this series. That cover is wicked!

    1. I very much enjoyed the trilogy. It has really good characters and you aren't always sure who to trust!

  2. It's hard sometimes to review books without giving anything away. I know the feeling. Sounds like a great series. :)

    1. These shorter books are maybe only 120 pages and it becomes impossible to avoid spoilers!