Thursday, 15 June 2017

This Or That: Bookish Edition Tag

I saw this tag on Feed Your Fiction Addiction this weekend and decided to give it a try. It was originally posted by Wendy over at Falconer's Library so why not check out both tags and see what the ladies answered! If you are interested in doing this tag, I tag you, and it would be great if you tell me you are taking part in the comments section so I can come and visit your post! 

Buy new or buy used?

I have bought lots of used books over the years but the genres I like now and Indie books I constantly read are rarely seen in charity shops or used book stores so I mostly buy new. I still like to browse in these shops and maybe pick up the odd book if I get lucky. I generally buy from Amazon or the occasional visit to Waterstones.

Eat while you read or read while you eat?
I sometimes snack on crisps or chocolate when I'm reading but I never read when I'm eating a meal. I find it rude doing that if I'm eating with others and there is more chance of messing up the book pages! Protect the pages first and don't smear the food everywhere!

Re-read old favorites or pre-order upcoming possibilities?

I keep the books I enjoy so I can read them again but I have such a huge tbr that I can't really justify re-reads at this point in time! If I get the tbr cut in half I might get back to reading some of my favourites! I only pre-order a few books each year, mainly upcoming books in series I'm enjoying so far. I just buy as I find books, authors and series, based on what I see on Amazon, in shops, on blogs and Goodreads.

Read every single word or skim at times?
Read every word. If you don't read it all, what's the point of reading it? If it's bad enough that you are skimming it's time to DNF it and move on to something else!

Happy endings or tragic?

Depends on the plot and characters I guess. I don't generally care as long as it is a good book but I do get upset when my favourites die of course. I suppose I do like to see a happier ending in the apocalypse books I read as the characters are put through a lot more trauma. In horror books I'm more flexible about how it ends! 

Audiobooks or ebooks?

Ebooks. You can take them anywhere and read them on the go and there are lots of free and cheap books available online. Audiobooks I'd only buy in cd form so they are way outside my budget to buy with the price they sell them at.

Multiple books at once, or one at a time?

Usually I read one book at a time so I can fully emerse in that book world. I might make an exception if I'm reading a large or heavy themed non fiction book so I can switch to something fiction and fun as I slowly progress through it.

Mostly one genre, or a little bit of everything?

I spent many years experimenting with genres to establish my book tastes. Now I generally stick to my favourite genres unless I see something really different that I like the sound of. There are plenty apocalypse, horror and urban fantasy out there to keep me going and new ones coming out all the time so I stick mostly to what I generally enjoy.

Lifelong obsession or later (re)discovery?

Both! I loved books as a kid and you could never get me out of the library back then. However  stressful jobs stopped me reading for years. When I went off sick from my last job, I discovered Harry Potter and it reawakened my love of reading. I've never looked back since.

Classics--yea or nay?

No, I hate these books. Tried a few and hated the writing style.

Read aloud to others or be read to?
Neither. I don't read aloud and nobody ever reads to me. I like to read a book for myself. The last books read aloud to me were my dad reading LOTR to me as bedtime stories!

Absolute silence or background noise/music?

I generally put a favourite film or some sport on in the background at lower volume while I read. Or I'll put Sky News on muted in case there is any breaking news.

Cover on or naked?
Huh? If you're talking about hardbacks with removeable covers, well I don't usually read them so it's not an issue. I only buy paperbacks and ebooks.

Dog-ear or bookmark?

Dog Ears??? *shudders* No No No that is book abuse of the worst kind! I use free bookmarks that you can grab in shops and libraries so I can keep my bookmark collection nice and undamaged! Yes I know it defeats the purpose of a bookmark but I hate using nice ones!

Movie covers or originals?

It depends on which cover I like the best and what fits best if I'm collecting a series. For Game of Thrones I have two editions of the first book, one with Sean Bean and one scenic cover. I have multiple covers for Harry Potter...

Interested? I TAG YOU!!! 


  1. I really can't read more than one book at a time either unless it's non-fiction thrown in with a fiction read. To me it's like watching two movies at the same time, can't do it. I always leave dust jackets on if it's a hardback but I think I'm in the minority with that one. Thanks for sharing your answers.

    1. On the rare occasion that I pick up a hardback I keep the cover on it too! Not sure why coz it is awkward to hold!

  2. I plan on doing this tag, but probably not until next month. I hate it when people dog-ear books. I get most of my books used, and sometimes they come with a bunch of pages folded down, and just . . . no. Nobody should do that to a book.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Any kind of book abuse bothers me. I knew someone who bought new books and took a hammer to the spines to 'break them in' before reading them! *shudders*. Dog ears, notes in the margins, underlining...ABUSE!

  3. Ooh fun tag. I like to buy new but I never turn down a good used bookstore, and when I was younger I used to buy scads of used SF paperbacks. I had boxes, it was glorious lol. And I buy exactly the same as you do- just whatever comes up that looks good. I get SO many ideas f/ blogs now...

    I usually only read one at a time, and I'm not a classics fan either. I usually prefer original covers to movie tie-ins. Depends on the cover.

    1. Heh, big boxes full of books give you a nice warm book glow! I think blogging and sites like Goodreads are fatal for tbrs now. I lost control at the start of the week and had another book splurge!

  4. Cool Tag! I might do it as well :)

    I agree, reading while you are having a meal with others is so rude! So is being on your phone constantly. I am drinking lots of tea while I am reading. I manage not to spill it on the pages :D

    Oh, Re-Reads. I am re-reading more books than ever this year. Not sure why, cause there's still enough out there. I just feel like it :) If I had a big TBR I wouldn't re-read so much though.

    Dog Ears are the worst, right? :D I love pretty bookmarks...

    1. On the rare occasion I eat out I grind my teeth at those sitting at tables around me who are on their phones and ignoring family beside them. Same with those on phones ignoring the kids when they collect them from school. Gah! Yeah I so much want to re-read a lot of things. If I can deal with the tbr (looks like no chance of that this year!!!) maybe I can do re-reads in the future!

      Dog Ears *shudder*

  5. Fun tag! This is a good one because it focuses on reading habits. I do read on my kindle while I eat at work and if I am reading a hardcover book that jacket has to come off. I agree that there are plenty of free bookmarks out there and would never fold a page over.

    1. I liked the tag as it was asking a few different questions. I really need to get moving and do a few tags of my own for fun. I have plenty of ideas but little time!

  6. I try not to worry about rereads taking time away from new books. The fact of the matter is, I will never get through my entire TBR, so I might as well read what I enjoy. Other than that we have mostly the same answers though! I like ebooks, I'll take any ending as long as it matches the story, I stick to the genres I like, I don't tend to like classics, I never read aloud or have someone read aloud to me, I read one book at a time. I did used to fold pages though, but then, I got a lot of used books that were kind of a mess already so it didn't even matter lol.

    1. EEK! A reformed book abuser! I'm fanatical about keeping my books looking nice...I hate seeing those creases appear on the spine...but the state of some secondhand books makes you wonder what their owners did to them!